First Half of ‘Epic Mickey’ Introductory Cinematic Released by Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive Studios along with Junction Point Studios released the first half of the opening cinematic film to their upcoming Nintendo Wii title Epic Mickey earlier today at GamesCom 2010 in Germany.

The clip sets up the premise of the game in which Mickey is forced to return to the Cartoon Wasteland, a world loosely based on Disneyland in which forgotten ideas and things have gone to live for the past eight decades. In the clip, which takes place at the time the Wasteland is created, Mickey is seen letting loose the Phantom Blot on its inhabitants, the leader of which is recognized as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. As Mickey’s fame and popularity exponentially rise in the real world, forgotten Oswald is left with the mess his more-famous contemporary has left behind. Until it’s time for Mickey to enter the Wasteland and witness first hand what has happened as a result of his actions. Then, armed with nothing more than a paintbrush and paint thinner, it is up to him to decide whether he will either try to set what once went wrong or to forge his own trails of glory, no matter the cost.

For those wondering, Mickey Mouse does not speak in the game, nor do any of the other characters (except of course for the narrative you hear in the clip). Junction Point creative director and lead designer for the game Warren Spector has said that the reason for no dialogue is twofold: first, logistics of employing of the voice actors just wouldn’t have panned out and — perhaps more importantly — Spector has noted that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, another key character in the game, was born in the silent film era so he never had a physical voice and it would be unfair for Mickey to talk when others couldn’t.

Epic Mickey will be released for the Nintendo Wii in fall 2010 and is now available for pre-order from and

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