New Era Debuts New Line of ‘Vintage Disney’ Baseball Caps

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Moving forward with its well-received collaboration with Disney Consumer Products, New Era has recently looked to the past to inspire its new ‘Vintage Disney 59FIFTY’ line of baseball caps inspired by classic Mickey Mouse cartoons of the 1930s. Now available at select retail locations such as and

‘The Mad Doctor’ honors the short released on January 21, 1933. Mickey dreams that Pluto has been captured by an evil scientist who hopes to graft his head onto a hen’s body. The black version of this cap depicts the frightening images of the scientist’s castle and a terrified Mickey unsuccessfully trying to avoid capture while the gray version features equations as well as a very unhappy Pluto and Mickey trying to save the hound from the villain’s castle with illustrations that immerse you right into Mickey’s dream. MSRP $34.99.

A favorite recurring theme of Walt Disney’s, the 1936 Mickey Mouse classic ‘Thru the Mirror‘  finds its inspiration in the Lewis Carroll literary classic ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.’ Here, Mickey Mouse is pictured on the run with the minions of the Queen of Hearts hot on his tail. The undervisor features another moment from the film in which Mickey is taken by surprise when he sees his distorted image in the mirror. MSRP $34.99.

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Mickey’s Rival‘ debuted on June 20, 1936 and features Mortimer, the drugstore cowboy, and Mickey coming head to head (as shown on the cap’s front) in this animated love story. Minnie’s heart is the prize here in a feud between Mickey and his newfound rival. As shown on the undervisor, Mortimer invades Mickey’s and Minnie’s picnic, wooing a very receptive Minnie and angering poor Mickey. But when a ferocious bull charges their way, Mortimer runs, and Mickey comes to the rescue and saves Minnie. MSRP $37.99.

The holiday classic ‘Lonesome Ghosts’ was released on December 24, 1937. This ghostly tale finds Mickey, Donald and Goofy running a ghost-exterminating agency when they receive a call from four lonely, green phantoms. The mischievous ghosts invite these fun-loving ghost busters over to their haunted home with the aim of driving them crazy. But things don’t go as planned when Mickey and the gang finally chase out the ghosts, as shown by their satisfied expressions on the undervisor. MSRP $35.99.

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