EXCLUSIVE: Disney to Announce ‘Tinker Bell Half Marathon’ at Disneyland; Event Debuts January 2012


runDisney's 'Tinker Bell Half Marathon'Truthfully, we don’t really have any of the details of the new athletic event currently being teased by runDisney on its Facebook page but we can confirm that on Tuesday, April 19 at approximately 10 am ET (7 am PT), Disney will announce the inaugural ‘Tinker Bell Half Marathon’ at the Disneyland Resort.

The runDisney ‘Tinker Bell Half Marathon’ will provide ‘women and girls an opportunity to celebrate health, fitness, active lifestyles’ and will take place at the Disneyland Resort from January 27-29.

Until the official announcement, we invite everyone to review the clues from runDisney to see how they could apply to this pre-announcement.

  • Clue 2: In reference to just the introduction, a world of Fantasy likely refers to Fantasyland where ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’ can be found. Noodle, however, is apparently a strong keyword here since its mention is just plain odd. There is, however, a pirate named Noodler in Peter Pan.
  • Possible clue that new runDisney race involves both Disneyland Resort parksClue 3: May refer to a combination of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Placing the illustrated maps side-by-side roughly produces the same teapot shape, complete with lid (Toontown), handle (Rivers of America) and crack (Jungle Cruise) (via Facebook clues page)
  • Clue 4: May refer to the upcoming 2012 direct-to-home-video film, Tinker Bell: Race Through the Seasons
  • Clue 5: This has already widely been accepted as 13.1 / Half Marathon, but most can’t seem to pinpoint why it is other than the clue’s introduction mentions ‘distance’ and ‘halfway.’ Many have tried to create a mathematical formula off of the marked BINGO numbers, but it may be as simple as 2:30 is officially considered the time to beat for a full marathon, coupled with the other mark being halfway between 72 and 73. 72:30 is also a respectable time for a half marathon, so that may be why those numbers in particular were chosen.
  • Clue 6: The flag of Scotland undoubtedly refers to Peter Pan (and Tinker Bell) creator J.M. Barrie’s country of birth (the use of the word author in the clue introduction supports this strongly)
  • Clue 8: The spotlight most likely refers to how Tinker Bell is portrayed in staged productions. What fuels this believe is the use of the word ‘act’ in the clue’s introduction, which is of course a theatrical term (hat tip to @erwinmascardo)
  • Clue 9: The given names of the three hosts (Ronald Reagan, Art Linkletter, Bob Cummings) who hosted the televised opening of Disneyland (via runningoftheears.com)
  • Clue 10: The pinkish, height-challenged castle appears to be Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland, but it seems the Tangled tower is where the Matterhorn should be. And, of course, Tinker Bell, is prominently featured. Lastly, some believe the mention of both time zones to be a possible ‘Coast to Coast’ half marathon event to be tied in with the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World.

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