EXCLUSIVE: Paul ‘Bear’ Vasquez Responds to Disney’s Parody of ‘Double Rainbow’ Vid for ‘Tangled’

Email to me/Disney from Paul 'Bear' VasquezA couple of days ago, Walt Disney Animation Studios released a ‘Double Tower’ parody of the universal sensation ‘Giant Double Rainbow’ video by Paul ‘Bear’ Vasquez which to date has seen nearly 14.5 million views since its debut just 8 months ago. Today there are countless numbers of videos and songs that have been inspired by the video, but perhaps none (or very few anyway) have disappointed Bear as much as Disney’s promotion did. What affected Bear isn’t so much that it was done however, but how it was done. A huge fan of Disney (or Disneyland as he points out to me below), Bear is none too pleased that Disney’s marketing made no attempt to contact him regarding their efforts, ‘taking his words’ as he puts it in his emails below. He’s hoping Disney will see the error of its ways however and at least treat him to a Disneyland in recognition of the joy he and both the company bring to the world. Personally, I believe Disneyland should go one further and give him and his family nothing short of a ticker-tape parade, but here’s hoping he at least gets a trip out of it.

In any case, Bear initially reached out to me on YouTube with the understandable impression that I was connected with Disney in an official capacity, so the initial email is directed towards Disney. I wrote Bear back and explained to him that I had nothing to do with creating the video, that I was just promoting it because I, a Disney fan like himself, operate Stitch Kingdom and it’s what I do. I asked Bear permission to share his message on here and he happily agreed and provided a little more to his message. Without further ado, Bear’s message to Disney:

Wow you guys took my words and used them all the way. Did you think to ask me or offer me anything. Maybe you are within your legal rights to do this but the nice thing would have been to honor me personally and not just take my words and use them for your personal gain. I would love it if you would offer me something, anything for using what came to me. I love Disneyland, I haven’t been there in years because I haven’t been able to fit on the rides but now I can, how about having me as a guest, it would be so awesome? Please read my blog I am not just somebody who made a viral video I am so much more than that. I have an army of devoted followers, the Rainbow Warriors as well as lawyers, managers, and agents. I don’t want your work to go away I only want to be acknowledged and thanked for my inspiration. Please read my bio, I am a peace loving man who was brave enough to cry in front of the world but I am also a professional Cagefighter, I can be your best friend or your worst enemy, please lets be friends. Bear.

And Bear’s follow-up response to my request to reprint his email:

Thanks for the reply and for your offer to help. I understand now that you didn’t create the parody. I’m pleased to have you present what I said and you can have that email, I only sent it to you, just as long as you know that I’ll probably write and say something similar (but never exact, I’m not capable of that), in the future. I’m not upset I just want them to recognize me, how rude for them to do this just because they can. They will suffer because of it, I’m becoming more and more popular and when it gets out that a rich giant company like this has stolen the words of a man who was visited by God, a man who is very poor dollar wise and now that things are coming to him only wants to give it away to help heal people they will regret it if they don’t jump on board like Microsoft did. Please feel free to use that and go to my web site and see what I am about you will be amazed!

With regards to the mention of Microsoft, Bear is referring to a commercial he recently starred in for Microsoft for its Windows Live Photo gallery.

I would love nothing more for The Walt Disney Company to recognize Bear for his efforts by rewarding him with all he asks for, a trip to the park he loves. On his behalf, I have created an online petition for Bear which can be found here. Please take a moment to sign it as a show of unity of support for Bear and his efforts. After signing the petition, please visit his website at YosemiteBear.net to read more about his efforts and journeys.

I also ask that you help spread the message by re-tweeting this article, sharing it on Facebook and other social media services, send to friends and more. This is something I never ask anyone to do, but this will be my attempt to create some ‘Double Magic’ and think of the joy you’ll feel being part of Bear’s dream should it become real.


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3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Paul ‘Bear’ Vasquez Responds to Disney’s Parody of ‘Double Rainbow’ Vid for ‘Tangled’

  1. One of his lawyers should educate him on the laws of satire. It’s free reign man. The law protects people’s rights to mock. For evidence of this, see any spoof movie ever made.

    • Nobody (including Bear) is disputing that Disney is within its legal
      rights, we’re just seeking a little recognition since it’s apparent that
      Disney is profiting off of his work. I believe Bear has a great personal
      story to share and happen to think it would be a win-win for both sides for
      what to Disney would amount to pennies and yet would be priceless to Bear
      and his friends.

      On Fri, 10 Sep 2010 19:08:48 -0000, “Disqus”

  2. I honestly don’t see where Disney is going to profit from HIS work. I do agree that it would have been nice for Disney to ask for his input or opinion on the matter, but they didn’t, and they didn’t have to. I find his write up to Disney and you a bit condescending and self entitled based on the small internet meme he’s created. Profit from HIS work, hardly. If anything the marketing costs by Disney will be lost money on their part to get positive word out about the film, but the chance of them making a profit on their marketing costs is very slim.

    And of course at the end of it all there is no Legal obligation on Disney’s behalf. Would it have been nice if they asked, sure. But this is business, and business decisions aren’t made on a playground while swapping lunch items to be fair.

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