VIDEO: Face Cloning for Audio Animatronics Demo by Disney Research

Face Cloning for Audio Animatronics by Disney Research


After presenting its technique for cloning the human face in an effort to produce more realistic audio animatronics at SIGGRAPH, Disney Research Zurich has released this video which takes a closer look at the process, which we began discussing on here last month.

The video starts off by giving an overview of the patent application which we previously described. Essentially the project aims to correct issues with traditional audio animatronics in which the synthetic skin is stretched as actuators contort it to form various expressions. By using an array of high definition cameras to produce marker-less motion capture, the system can accurately determine how a specific synthetic skin material, such as silicone, should be cut in terms of varying thicknesses and attached to the animatronic skeleton so that the desired expressions are replicated precisely, down to the wrinkle level. The video then goes on to give a full demonstration of the process, from scanning the subject, to producing the mold, to comparing the original actor with his audio animatronic counterpart.

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