Disney World to Test FASTPASS+ NextGen Technology at Magic Kingdom in May

RFID-based FASTPASS+ reader at Peter Pan's FlightThe Magic Kingdom theme park will begin testing FASTPASS+, part of it’s NextGen technology, during the first half of May, according to reports.

In its final incarnation, FASTPASS+ —  a subset of the MAGIC+ framework and sometimes referred to as XPASS — will allow eligible guests to reserve ride times in advance, using their MAGIC BAND to access the attraction’s queue. The customizable MAGIC BAND wristband will double as what’s currently known as the Key to the World, allowing guests to use the same magnetic stip card for their resort room key as well as park tickets and more.

For the purposes of the test, some guests will be selected to test the program upon arrival at the Walt Disney World. They will be given a FASTPASS+ card with an embedded RFID chip to be used solely for the test program as well as an itinerary of FASTPASS windows at the Magic Kingdom park for that day based on preferences chosen by the guest.

In addition to the attractions which normally offer FASTPASS, Haunted Mansion has been outfitted with a FASTPASS+ reader and will allow guests to use it during the test period.

Should guests lose or forget their FASTPASS+ intinerary, they will be able to visit Guest Relations or one of the many FASTPASS+ locations for a reminder. Presumably this means that the reader itself includes a small screen. The FASTPASS+ readers have been rapidly installed at the Magic Kingdom over the past couple of weeks as noted by @DisneyProjects who has established a photo collection of the readers.

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