‘Finding Dory’ Italian International Trailer Exposes Flaw in Popular Lesbian Couple Theory

'Finding Dory' Payoff PosterDisputing some key evidence supporting the lesbian couple theory in Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory (June 17, 2016), Walt Disney Studios Italy has releaesd a new trailer for the film which includes brand new footage. Although the pair of women seen in the second trailer could indeed be a couple, they could equally just be platonic friends enjoying a mommies’ (or childless friends’) day out. And therein lies the rub. One of the popular pieces of evidence is the toddler seen in the trailer alongside a stroller in which the two women are surprised to find a very ugly baby in the form of Hank (presumably assuming — and  very incorrectly — that the stroller and the toddler are also a pair). Not often cited, but made clear by the trailer was that the stroller was already in motion when it crashed into the child, which would have suggested the stroller does not belong to the toddler and most definitely not to the two women it surprises. The trailer embedded below shows a bit of footage of Dory and Hank on the stroller in question before it hits the child (who is not in the trailer).

Of course it does not mean the couple in question isn’t gay, nor does anything in the film suggests they are. It’s a complete fabrication of the viewers’ mind and that has typically been enough to satisfy Disney. Much like the family in Frozen who many like to assume is Oaken’s family simply because he addresses them with a generic term that has no actual proof of attachment, there’s not much a chance in youknowwhat that Disney is going to openly portray and confirm a gay couple anytime soon in their animated films.

In any event, please enjoy the new footage below (in Italian) from Finding Dory.

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