Disney’s ‘Flamingo Crossings’ Names New Mystery Occupant

With the big to-do that is the Downtown Disney-to-Disney Springs makeover, it’s probably easy to forget DTD’s sparser little sibling, Flamingo Crossings. Announced in 2007, with a small website erected in 2009 to hopefully garner interest from businesses, the promised ‘fun-filled, value-oriented, themed tourist district being developed directly outside the western gateway to Walt Disney World Resort’ has done little since to fulfill those promises. The last big news came in October of 2011, when Disney laid down some of the legal groundwork for tenancy as well as announced its agreement with Walgreens.

Now here we are two years later (and by all accounts, even Walgreens has yet to break ground) and with it comes a new tenant: JL Orlando Hotel 2, LLC and JL-FX Hotel Development. Chances are it looks like someone is looking to build a hotel, but whom? And what might it look like? The latter question is pretty much impossible to answer at this point, because the former is almost impossible to answer. Doing some small research however, we have tied JL Orland Hotel 2 and JL-FIX Hotel Development (both of which are basked in Alaska, of course) to JL Properties, Inc., a real estate development and management company founded in 1990 to take over dilapidated real estate properties in Alaska and to turn them around. According to the company’s website, ‘over the Company’s 19-year history, JL has grown and managed a portfolio owned by affiliated entities with a market value in excess of one billion dollars.’

So what’s next for Disney’s Flamingo Crossings? At this rate, we should hear a little something by late 2015.

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