Disney’s Flying Dragon Officially Tied to New Fantasyland

Disney's Flying Dragon PuppetA new post on the official Disney Parks blog teases what appears to be the Flying Dragon puppet/vehicle that was spotted during testing earlier this year at Minter Field Airport in Shafter, California. Using blurry video footage, the video appears to spotlight the vehicle and in fact the post does tease that it involves a dragon of some sort, noting some of which even breathe fire, which the Disney flying vehicle reportedly does.

The blog entry also links to a new tumblr account which chronicles these so-called dragon sightings (not really), but perhaps what’s most interesting about the tumblr’s posts is that they are tagged with New Fantasyland, indicating that the flying dragon puppet/vehicle may soon be making its public debut over the skies of the Enchanted Forest in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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2 thoughts on “Disney’s Flying Dragon Officially Tied to New Fantasyland

  1. If you look at the first Blog post on the Tuble account, it even mentions that “people” have been reporting strange sounds coming from new fantasyland!

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