2011 Food and Wine Festival Offers Mobile WebApp, Gowalla Stamps

Epcot International Food and Wine QR mobile site codeAvailable throughout Walt Disney World’s Epcot during the International Food and Wine Festival, September 30 – November 13, 2011, the QR code shown here will take guests to an official mobile site for the event. Although the actual URL is pretty hefty, for the benefit of those without a QR decoder app, we are offering http://626.sk/food which will direct you to the mobile site.

Once you reach the mobile site / webapp, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Food and Wine events (including availability), Eat to the Beat concert information, pavilion information and more as well as the ability to mark favorites, share items and even add items to the calendar. The site is designed primarily for use on an Apple iOS device such as an iPhone, but it does work to varying degrees on other devices such as Android devices, although functionality may be limited.

The official Food and Wine Festival Facebook page has added the ‘Festival Tidbits‘ app which provides an interactive map of all the food offerings at the festival with the ability to share with friends. You can also add ‘passport stamps’ to your timeline to show off where you’ve been at the festival and Disney has announced that it will expand on its Gowalla partnership by offering Food and Wine Festival passport stamps.

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