‘Frankenweenie’ 360 Degree Virtual Set Tours, New Concept Art, Tour Schedule Updates (Minor Spoilers)

Frankenweenie 360In a wonderful use of technology, Walt Disney Studios has produced a new website titled Frankenweenie360 which takes visitors on a virtual 360 degree tour of the sets of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.

In tour 1, film producer Allison Abbate takes us through film unit 23 (at which point there is a total of 35 filming units), where they are preparing to film scenes involving a disaster at New Holland, California’s festival, titled ‘Dutch Day,’ described as a Fourth of July-type event. According to Abbate, the town is ‘obsessed with its dubious Dutch heritage.’ Along the way, we meet set dressers, lighting designers and animators all working on the film and sharing bits and pieces of their behind-the-scenes knowledge.

'Frankenweenie' Concept Art 'Dutch Day'The viewer has full control of the frame, which spans 360 degrees (though why one would want to focus on the ceiling is beyond me). To assist, a full panoramic view is provided along the bottom so interesting things won’t be missed (just click and the frame adjusts accordingly). In addition, there are hotspots which provide additional information and art from the film, but most of it isn’t really new, though there are definitely some gems including concept art and stills, such as this concept art of the Dutch Day celebration.

In addition, the schedule for the Art of Frankenweenie exhibition tour has been completed and includes some changes to already posted dates, particularly for Anaheim (Disneyland):

  • 06/18 – 06/21 Barcelona, Spain
  • 07/11 – 07/15 San Diego, California (Comic-Con)
  • 07/27 – 08/07 Mexico City, Mexico
  • 08/23 – 08//26 Toronto, Canada
  • 09/10 – 11/01 Anaheim, California (Disneyland Resort)
  • 09/27 – 10/14 Madrid, Spain
  • 10/17 – 10/21 London, England
  • 10/23 – 11/02 Paris, France
  • 12/05 – 12/26 Tokyo, Japan

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