‘Frankenweenie’ Clips ‘Mom Finds Sparky,’ ‘I Am In Charge,’ ‘Mr. Whisker’s Dream’

'Frankenweenie' PosterDid you ever wonder what puppet excrement looks like? You’re about to find out, but before we get to that revelation, we have a couple of other clips from Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie from Walt Disney Studios to share with you.

First up is one of the more embarrassing of the trio and many of us can empathize. Picture this: you’re a young boy on the verge of manhood and you’re curious about anatomy, experimenting as much as you can in the privacy of your attic lab. Then suddenly — when you least expect it — your mom bursts into the room and discovers your dirty, little secret — you’ve resurrected your dead dog. So goes this clip titled ‘Mom Finds Sparky:’

In the next clip, the Frankensteins’ next-door-neighbor and New Holland Mayor, Mr. Burgemeister (voiced by Martin Short) lays down the law on his neice, Elsa Van Helsing (voiced by Winona Ryder) in this clip titled ‘I Am In Charge:’

Lastly, the meat — er, poop — of the clips, ‘Mr. Whisker’s Dream’ in which Weird Girl (voiced by Catherine O’Hara, who also voices Mom) warns Victor that her pet cat had a dream about him as evidenced by a V shaped omen. Weird Girl goes on to recount previous dreams Mr. Whiskers had about others and how it proved to be significant each time:

All clips courtesy Walt Disney Studios Australia


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