‘Frankenweenie’ New Hi-Res Stills, Behind the Scenes and Publicity Photos

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Our Frankenweenie news cup hath run over today and this gorgeous publicity shot of director Tim Burton with a ‘dead’ Sparky puppet is just the very tip of the iceberg. Walt Disney Studios has now provided us with several new hi-res stills featuring characters such as Mr. Burgermeister, Nassor, Weird Girl, Bob, Mrs. Frankenstein and more, along with the Turtle Monster and a beautiful shot of Edgar ogling a tank full of fish. We’ve also been given a few behind-the-scenes images reflecting just a tiny fragment of the production process.

The new images have been added to the beginning of their respective galleries below. In case you missed any of the several news items we’ve posted recently, much of which isn’t found anywhere else, click here for our Frankenweenie coverage.

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