Disney’s ‘Frozen’ 3D Blu-Ray in October, Potentially with More Bonus Features

FROZEN Box ArtWalt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s confirmation of nothing to announce for the 3D Blu-ray edition of Disney’s Frozen has made fans feel as though they were left out in the cold, with many resorting to order the 3D edition from overseas, amidst fears of ‘double-dipping.’ Although there has been no official announcement, marketing materials obtained by Stitch Kingdom have indeed confirmed plans for an October 2014 release of the 3D Blu-ray/DVD release of Frozen.

The 3D blu-ray release is just one of the cogs in the giant $1 billion Frozen machine in 2014, however. Disney has promised that the release will be supported by initiatives company-wide. While news of the official Disney Princess coronation ceremony by Disney Consumer Products has yet to surface short of a report that it will involve a castle and a very, very expensive dress for Elsa, it was recently suggested that Anna and Elsa may find a permanent home at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom’s Fairytale Hall in April. The pair are currently meeting at the Norway pavilion at Epcot, where they were initially promoted to be temporary, but have subsequently turned into what is arguably the Resort’s most popular attraction, requiring admirers of all ages to wait for hours to be granted an audience.

Other initiatives we are aware of include several new book titles being released throughout September and October including the Frozen Sing-Along Storybook, a 128-page storybook that not only promises to share the entire Frozen story, but includes a CD with instrumentals of songs from the film. At the New York Toy Fair, we were also introduced to new Frozen merchandise slated for a fall release including the skating Anna and Elsa dolls from Mattel as demonstrated in this video:

As far as potential new bonus features for the holiday release, which some have anticipated being a Diamond Edition, but we are dubbing the Crystal Edition, with it being no secret that the March 18 and Disney Movies Anywhere releases being somewhat lackluster, we can all be a bit hopeful. With the film still yet to open in Japan, the filmmakers have been globetrotting nearly non-stop with Walt Disney Animation’s PR rep Amy Astley recently tweeting a photo of co-directors Jennifer Lee, Christopher Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and art director Michael Giaimo visiting the Frozen suite at Montreal’s Hotel de Glace (which was used as reference for lighting in the film):

Del Vecho recently also noted that he was finally able to visit Norway, which served as inspiration for the film’s locale of Arendelle. While either of these events could simply be a matter of enjoying the fruits of their labors, they could also potentially hint at plans for additional bonus features for the holiday 3D Blu-ray/DVD release. Even prior to the film’s release, Disney is sitting on a wealth of information and reference footage used for the film, so there is no shortage of material, not to mention the potential for an audio commentary or two (at least one of which we hope includes Josh Gad). Of course, official announcement is months away (and certainly not before March 18), so all of this is speculative to say the least.

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36 thoughts on “Disney’s ‘Frozen’ 3D Blu-Ray in October, Potentially with More Bonus Features

    • No, we don’t. Only Europe gets the 3D blu ray, it doesn’t exist at all in North America.

      That said, technically it’s not even available in digital version up north, as it’s a Vudu exclusive, which is technically US only.

        • Why would his converter be lousy because yours is? There are a lot of different converters out there, and I can vouch for the fact that not all of them are bad.

    • I just bought a new LG 4k 3D TV and the manual also says that 2D can be converted to 3D, though I would think it’s basically a simulation. As a precautionary measure I purchased a 3D 4k Blu-ray player as well. Can’t wait!

  1. That’s why Disney is a LOVE/HATE with me and my wife. We have been to Disney World several times and have every movie on DVD/Blu Ray/3D Blu Ray…we LOVE Disney. However, you read this and that is where the HATE kicks in. Really, OK so Disney had no idea they had this HIT on their hands. Maybe they should hire new bean counters. Bottom line, this is nothing more then Disney double dipping with our hard earned dollars. WE will all run out on Tuesday and scarf up Frozen and then come October we will run out and scarf it up on 3D Blu Ray. Shame on you Disney, but we still LOVE you anyways.

  2. Shame on you many corp. putting profit before making children happy.
    You put one of the best works you’ve done in a long time in theaters in 3-D, but don’t offer it in a 3-D combo pack. Opting to pressure some of us who have 3-D capability to have to wait or have to settle for the 2-D.
    I’m tired of Disney’s money making shenanigans you’ve done it with your video game Infinity offering single figures for it, then later offering the play set or certain discs you can only get with the figures you’ve already purchased. Why to go Disney I’m sure this makes your share holders very happy working class people may go out and buy the movie again. Really disappointed and I’m sure my little ones will be as well.

  3. They should fire ALL the Disney executives & the CEO and get all new intelligent ones, who know what the consumers want!!

  4. is this the mouses confirmed plan? i want to know before i wait and buy this since i own a 3D Blu-Ray player.

    • It’s very likely! Looking at all of the other marketing ploys Disney plans to put out around that time, I’m sure it’ll be out this year! Heck, it even could be out before October! So I’d wait if I were you! 😉

  5. Although this isn’t confirmed, it makes a lot of sense. To those above whining above about Disney’s marketing strategy, stop! They’re doing exactly what any other company would do. Making the most profit off of an extremely popular brand! They had the 3D version for pre-order, but then realized it was a much bigger hit than anticipated, thus making them reconsider when to release it! Excited to get this when it eventually is released! Until then, I can wait! 🙂

  6. Disney knows what they are doing? Not! I have 2 good reasons: $250 million dollar bombs John Carter and Lone Ranger. First off I don’t know what obscure plane the execs are on because they have a once in a lifetime hit film like Frozen and they deliberately hold back on product. Are they hoping to build up demand even higher? Up to this point, Frozen merchandise – toys, shirts, etc. has been immensely scarce. Especially apparel – where are the Frozen shirts and costumes? This is why Elsa’s dress sells for exorbitant prices on Ebay. WDW and DL should be loaded with Frozen merchandise yet… The 3D Blu-ray release should have accompanied the DVD and Bluray street date tomorrow (March 18th). Smart consumers are not going to double-dip and they will wait till October or order the 3D version overseas via Amazon.uk. Look, Frozen IS Disney’s best animated movie of all time! The songs/music was extraordinary! It’s going to be exceptionally hard for any other animated film to ever surpass the quality and ticket sales of this film. The movie won 2 Oscars (Best Animated & Best Song) and it has grossed over 1 Billion in ticket sales globally. Hunger Games was 2013’s biggest grossing flick and Frozen is kicking it’s ass in preorder sales! Also Frozen debut at #1 and 7 weeks later it returned to the #1 spot. Thor Dark World (also Disney) was released weeks ago on 3D format. Despite whatever consumer trend companies are seeing, others are still releasing 3D Blu-rays (Gravity & upcoming Lego Movie). With a movie such as Frozen, you pull out all the stops! This was not The Lone Ranger and I doubt anyone petitioned Disney because they did not release that title in 3D Blu. And why the hell would or should they? More to the point, why the hell did they green-light that dreadfully written movie at a budget of $250 million in the first place? So don’t tell me they (the house of mouse) knows “exactly” what they are doing. If they thought Frozen was going to be this huge they would’ve invested in it a lot more. They screwed Wreck-it Ralph virtually the same way. Disney is trying to pivot right now (in shock and awe) because they now see the real numbers. Iger is telling his minions to get to work on a sequel and pour out more merch. Disney has finally seen the light. And we (the consumer) knew it all along. Tell me, when you saw the first 5 minutes and heard the first 2 songs you didn’t realize that this was something extraordinarily special. Execs didn’t know? Disney needs a head check! They need to push Frozen as much as they can in and outside of the parks while fans are clamoring for it. A good start would be an Animatronic Olaf perhaps and most especially they need new product for sale! Wait times to see Elsa and Anna are over 2 hours. Disney needs to know that these are the classics that today’s children are going to remember most. Snow White, Cinderella, and perhaps even Ariel (newer) are great but give as much consideration to the new classics as well!

  7. I’m afraid to even watch it again – it really wasn’t that great of a movie. The plot had lots of setup, but went cold (pun intended) in the last third. This movie doesn’t really deserve the accolades people give it and I won’t be buying twice – that’s for sure. So Disney screwed my kid, and screwed themselves out of 10 bucks, and I couldn’t care less….

  8. If “Frozen” gets re-released in October, what are the chances that it’ll be made available again in the 2D Bluray format? Thoughts anyone?

  9. Disney Deserves EVERY BIT of PIRACY that they get off this non-3D in US Fiasco. I absolutely hate when companies bitch and whine about piracy, but then they pull this BS!!!! Hey Disney, wanna know why Piracy exists and why its out of control? Take a look in the mirror!!!. I would have purchased this blu ray day one, but guess what, I am now watching it for FREE!!!! HAHA

    • From what i looked at with its Zavvi Steelbook edition, is that is a 2 disc combo without the DVD and no DC+ obviously as the UK i do not believe has the service.

      Now, For the Zavvi 3D expect the following to carry into the US as a 3D/2D/DVD combo pack or along the same lines as the Zavvi with the 2D taken out: 1. 3D=Film only and get a horse that’s it, all the remaining Extras will be on the 2D disc. 2. 2D=2D feature and all bonus content 3. DVD= all remaining content, or the BD bonus disc like with Brave 4. DC+= Digital copy that goes wherever you go on one provider only, once you pick the provider it locks itself to that provider and can not be changed.

      or if we distribute like the Steelbook: 1. 3D=Film only and get a horse 2. 2D= Film only and all remaining bonus features, including 2D get a horse 3. DC+= remember it locks to one provider only and the provider you redeem it with. choose wisely D chen

  10. It is kind of a nuisance with disney not releasing the 3D version of Frozen in Northamerican,even though other European countries are getting it.I for one think this was a very bad call indeed done by the Disney execs and maybe peoples out there should contact Disney and show their disgust towards them on this movie Fiasco and demand for the 3D version to be put out and if Disney does not do this,then maybe Disney does deserve to have all their films pirated until they learn their lesson

  11. I felt cheated when they release frozen in 3d to other countries. I refused to buy it. But will when it comes out in 3D. Lets hope they do not do the same thing to Malificent

  12. This truly angers me! They should have released it on 3d Blu Ray in the first place! They better offer Disney Reward members who registered the original Blu Ray, to get the 3d Blu Ray for $5 or something, because what they’re doing is just lifting their middle finger at those who were loyal enough to buy it upon release…

  13. That,s ok,I em glad there going to Bring it out in Blu ray 3 d ,I got my copy from the U.k.You have not seen Frozen Untill you Have seen it in 3 d It feels like it Was snow in My Living room, One of the Best 3 d Movies ever Made,Truly Amazing…! The Mickey Short in the Get a House Mickey and his friend Are jumping in and out of My screen was as Good as when i Saw it in the theater in 3 d, Thanks Disney for sticking with Disney 3 d…!

  14. For everyone commenting that we here in the USA are getting Frozen in BD 3D this Oct… I am sorry but you are mistaken… I have been calling consistently to
    1-800-72- DISNE
    This is the number for buena vista home entertainment the company that releases all of our titles. Sadly there are no plans to release Frozen in 3D at this time.

    Also for those hoping for Maleficent in 3D you will be happy to know you can do the same thing others are doing with Frozen in 3D and order it from the UK because it is not coming to BD 3D here in the states either.

    This is a huge marketing mistake for Disney and despite all my calling and emails and pushing for a return of 3D So BD I dont see it happening for a while or at least for the titles remaining this year.

    So I will be doing as many others have and order my 3D’s from the UK

    If you dont believe me call the number for yourself and learn the sad truth.
    But there is good news and that is they can take a request a pass it along to marketing.

  15. This is almost official. Dinsey Pictures will not release anymore 3D Blu-rays. Why this is a mystery. There is no confirmation or denial of this by Disney either however with Frozen, Need for Speed, Maleficient, Planes: Fire and rescue and Pirate Fairy (yes this title had an oversea release in 3D Blu-ray) it is clear that Disney will no longer release any Blu-ray 3D othewise they would have resume to release them. An exeption to the rule is movies from Marvel and probably some Pixar movies although I am in doubt that any more movies from Pixar will be either as the movie Ratatouille has been already released overseas in Blu-ray 3D. 3D fans it is time to find an alternative to get you 3D movies. One option is to get a region free 3D players (there are some) or get a region free disc.

    If you want to see any other releases of Diney 3D movies and Pixar you will have to put pressure to Disney and I mean serious pressure. Don’t count on others to do it join the ranks call Disney and write them do both to express your discontent of the matter. It has in the past made some company changed their policies on some releases ,The Crying Games on Laserdisc (a dead format) was supposed to be release in Pan and Scan. After an uproar of custumers they reversed their decision and released the movie in Letterboxed only. Maybe we can do the same here. If we are acting together we will be stronger.

    • This isn’t accurate information. Maleficent is being released this month and already it has a pre-order option to purchase the 3D edition.

  16. Like everyone else, I finally gave in and ordered from the UK. Amazon has a pretty good deal now where you can get two Blu-Rays for about $39 total shipped to the US.

    If there is a Blu-Ray release this year, it is guaranteed to flop because everyone who wants it will have ordered the UK version by now.

  17. I also caved and bought the UK version. Still po’d at Disney for its stance on 3D BD. I have a feeling they got a huge check from Walmart’s Vudu for 3D exclusivity. Huge fail for consumers. No way I am ever going to pay for streaming rights only. I’ll take it as gravy with my disc purchases but I don’t trust paying for a digital library that’s only in the cloud. Too much control on the provider and content owners side. I am tired of the studio system treating law abiding citizens as criminals. They all act like we copy and pirate everything. I haven’t illegally copied a single disc though I see no problem with copying a disc for backup. Fair use is getting lost in the digital age.

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