Official: ‘Frozen’ 3D Blu-ray Domestic Release Delayed Indefinitely


FROZEN Box ArtIn the next (and perhaps final) turn in a maze of confusion surrounding a 3D Blu-ray release of Disney’s Frozen, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has independently confirmed to us that there are no announced plans for a 3D release at this time, reminding us that Frozen will be available on Digital 3D on February 25, as per the initial announcement.

We also reached out to various retailers who are either actively currently soliciting pre-orders for the 3D Blu-ray (such as Best Buy) or have in the past. To date, only Walmart has responded directly to our request for additional information. Walmart, which at one point claimed to have an exclusive combo pack featuring the 3D version as well as the original motion picture soundtrack told us, ‘We are excited for the release of the movie and we will have an exclusive Gift Set that will include the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital and a bonus Anna or Elsa Infinity figurine. We do not have anything coming in 3D.’

Most other retailers who had been accepting pre-orders for the 3D Blu-ray edition of Frozen, such as Amazon, have joined Walmart in canceling existing pre-orders and removing the listing entirely. Disney Movie Club has advised those who have pre-ordered that it does not know when to expect it in stock. In regards to Best Buy, it has been noted that the SKU number indicates that it’s an online item only and its price suggests there is more to the story, suggesting it may even be imported.

To that end, the 3D edition of Frozen does appear to be available overseas (albeit with a later release date) with shipping available to those in the United States who don’t mind paying the extra premium of securing the disc. Amazon UK is listing it as region-free (although you will still be ordering at your own risk) and Zavvi is offering an exclusive steelbook version, though their description says it’s locked to Region B players (North America is Region A).

Otherwise, it should be fairly safe to purchase the 2D edition from domestic etailers such as Amazon pending a thaw of heart from Disney.

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37 thoughts on “Official: ‘Frozen’ 3D Blu-ray Domestic Release Delayed Indefinitely

    • Any idea where I could voice my dissatisfaction with the choice for no 3D bluray?

      Digitial is terrible because of all the DRM. And it looks like it’s only on Itunes which makes it such a hassle to watch on anything other than computer or an apple product.

      • The last few Disney releases with the digital download allow you to download it from iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, or Google Play. So you can choose where you get it from depending on the device you have.

  1. I’m not going to lie this makes me feel less guilty of double dipping when it first comes out (I preordered through Walmart’s cards in the store). Maybe this was done so we had to double dip for the 3D? I understand everyone’s pain but I’m not going let this situation bother me

  2. It seems that lately Disney is moving away from 3D releases in the US. Oz only had 3D added in hindsight after enough people fussed to Disney about it … but it’s an extra $40 purchase (those who got Oz early and signed up on disneymovierewards were able to get it for an additional $5). The Lone Ranger never saw a 3D release, though it had decent 3D effects in the theater – enough to draw audience to the 3D viewings over the 2D viewings. Chances are Disney will have some vault system and “unlock” their 3D version 10 years from now (if 3D is still popular enough by then).

    What I don’t understand is … When conversions to 3D of Renaissance movies like Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid are popularized in their platinum releases, why Disney wouldn’t bank a little more right now by releasing Frozen to the US markets in 3D rather than risk people like me buying 3D on the black market or overseas (which I will when push comes to shove).

        • It really wasn’t in 3D. I don’t know what you are thinking of. I know Lone Ranger had IMAX in select markets, but it was 2D IMAX.

          • As the song says, I ought to “let it go”… but to help educate the masses …


            You can find other references by googling (with quotes):
            site:facebook “lone ranger 3d”

            There are some select theaters where the movie showed in 3D. Mostly foreign markets, but 3D upconversion nonetheless.

            The main point is that Disney is releasing 3D movies to the theater and refusing to release them to bluray. Even more interesting is that they are refusing to do wide releases (and even advertising) of certain 3D movies, even though they spend the money to upconvert them.

            Some critics say the 3D format is dead. Others say it has a long ways to go before it becomes immersive enough to captivate an audience without nauseating them. I’m curious if Disney has been listening to the critics. I’m also curious if the overall decline in 3D ticket sales over the past three years has influenced their decision to pull Frozen 3D from the domestic Blu-Ray market. There are plenty of questions left unanswered here.

  3. If they think the customers that spent bank to setup quality 3D setups are going to be happy with craptastic over filtered over filtered downloads/streams in 3D they got another thing coming. Sorry Disney no sale until there’s an official 3D Blu-ray release.

    This smacks of the old classic double dip. Scare the customers with silence so they buy anything you put out and then get them again with a better release.

    • I so agree with your statement. It almost never fails. I’ve learned from that long ago. I have become stubborn enough to wait until it comes to Blu-ray 3D. I will not double-dip- PERIOD. I have quite a few movies in DVD and Blu-ray of the same film because of this dirty, underhanded practice of the “double-dip”. No more!

  4. Whatever, Disney. I have no problem buying 3D from Amazon UK. Most Disney releases are region free as it is. It was 19.75 pounds or about $32 USD.

  5. Thanks, Jason. I did that as well. It was really easy, and I encourage others to try it from the site that the OP provided. Note, however, that the site doesn’t list a release date, but I suspect it’s March 31st, 2014.

    I wouldn’t suggest buying the steelbook from Zavvi unless you have a region B player. I contacted them just to make sure their release really was in Region B (asking them to verify that information wasn’t a typographical error) and they responded saying it was.

    I also contacted Disney and got a response that they have no tentative date or expectations to release Frozen 3D in domestic markets in the immediate future. I suspect that there will be a special release of Frozen later this year (even if it’s just a single 3D disc like they did with Oz), but only if there’s enough outcry for them to justify that market. I’m starting to believe that Disney is making strides to abandon the domestic 3D blu-ray market.

  6. What I don’t get is they just released Cars and Little Mermaid 3D conversions last year. As well as Planes, Monsters Univercity, Ironman 3 and the upcoming Thor. Why release all those in 3D but not your most popular non Pixar animated since The Lion King.

  7. Can anyone tell me if they are certain that the UK 3D Frozen will play in the US on a Sony BX510 (S-5100) 3D player? Is this Frozen 3D UK region free disc 50HZ or 60HZ. That is what I understand is the sticking point with region free discs from the UK.


    And I wonder if all this stuff Disney does isn’t just double-dipping and taking advantage of the 3D niche group of the buying public.

  8. If not released in 3D Then I will not be purchasing the movie at all, they are hoping that we buy it on blue ray, and then in the future they well release it in 3D so we with the 3D TV’s will buy it again, Well not me…………I won’t be held hostage!

  9. I also contacted Disney about releasing Frozen in 3d and here is the reply I got:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding Frozen in 3D. We appreciate your interest in Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

    We regret that we do not have any release date for Frozen in 3D. Although we do not have a tentative release date set, we would be happy to share with the rest of our team that you would like to have this available for purchase! Your feedback helps us build a better experience for all of our guests and is truly appreciated!

    To view our release calendar and see what great titles are currently available and coming soon, please visit

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this email. You may also contact us at 1-800-723-4763 (Canada: 1-888-877-2843), Monday 9:30-7:30 and Tuesday through Friday 9:30-6:30 CST.


    Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Guest Relations
    US and Canada

    If you want to contact them here is the email address that they used to reply to me from:

  10. Screw it if Disney wants to play the non 3d game in the us I’ll just piratebay the mkv when it’s released in the UK.

  11. This is why exists….because stupid idiocy from dumb corporations like this by only releasing the 3D version in only certain territories. Disney DESERVES to get this movie Pirated by Everybody!!!!!! I hate when Companies Cry about Piracy then pull this bull**** Hey Disney, wake up…. make it available and guess what? we BUY it….don’t make it available, guess what? We STEAL it!!!!

  12. @RevolutioN64 : That strategy won’t work long term. The marketers at Disney are obviously a few dominoes short of a full game. That means they look at numbers, and only look at numbers … they have numbers up their sleeve when it comes to this type of thing, we just don’t know how they’re interpreting these numbers.

    If we all complain, then turn around and purchase the 3D at, they’ll see that 3D sales are pretty good, and that people in the U.S. want it, too. They’ll assume all the overseas sales are from people overseas rather than local citizens, but they’ll at least keep producing 3D blurays for foreign markets… they might even put 2 and 2 together and return to releasing 3D movies on their full release date as they promised to do two years ago.

    ~ OR ~

    If we all download the 3D movie for free (which is probably already freely available now that Vudu has started showing it) then Disney will see a decline in 3D purchases and assume people don’t care for 3D content and stop producing it altogether. We get a crappy digital 3D version and that’s it.

    ~ Finally ~

    Regardless, if they release it in 3D in domestic markets it would be a good idea for us to speak up again. Why did it take them so long … but thanks for eventually thinking of us … why does it cost $40 for a single BluRay 3D disc … etc. At some point they’ll have enough of the questions and frustration and go back to the better model of diamond-edition sets with 3D BluRays.

    I think there is a time to use certain strategic pulls, but I don’t think downloading it for free off the internet is one of those viable options for us to get the desired result in this case. (I’ve seen cases where it works, but that’s only if the distribution label is paying attention and listening to their fan-base to begin with.)

    I’ll also make mention that the Frozen being released domestically is a “Collector’s Edition” while all the editions with 3D content have been “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” or “Diamond Edition”. There’s going to be another release … at least in the U.S..

  13. I don’t understand why the UK is getting better releases when Disney is in the US. has movies on Blu Ray that don’t even have a North American release date! (i.e. Aladdin)

  14. When Japan was not releasing most of their stuff in the US (anime) (VHS days)., I pirated a number of titles (specialized in Hentai) (good contacts). Once they put them out in the US I stopped and reused all my stock of them for home recording. No one should be able to deny collectors anywhere (once the film is out of theaters and DVD’s/Blu-Rays are available) all the formats and features available – especially US collectors. And I support buying out of area or downloading if that option is necessary to obtain features that are not available in the US 100% IN THE CURRENT SITUATION!!!!!!!!!

  15. As I don’t own a 3D tv I will be picking up the 2D version. However it makes me wonder if disney has a plan to re lease the 3D version in a special edition later on. I don’t know but I think there is more to this then what we know

  16. the reason why they are not including a 3D disc is pure greed they are charging $34.99 just for a digital 3d copy yet another way DISNEY can make more money
    .first it was the vault then releasing films back into theaters again now this is there next way of taking advantage of us consumers does it really cost so much to add a 3d disc to their combos if they were not trying to take advantage of it then why don’t they include a 3D digital copy with it also since they are already including one.why because they want to make more money instead of doing the right thing,

  17. I purchased from Amazon UK, Frozen 3-D works fine here in California United States, Im glad I ordered it, it arrived at my front door ontime from UPS…………..

  18. Is Disney going to do the same thing to Maleficent, as he did with Frozen. Not release it in 3-d Amazon uk is taking pre-orders for it. As of today I notice no pre-orders for 3d verson at amazon. Just blue ray and dvd

  19. I just ordered the British version off of eBay. I thought FOR SURE that the Disney suits would see the dollar signs for a pre-CHristmas 2014 3-d release….but no. I’m losing faith in Disney. What happened to this once mighty and business savy company????????

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