‘Frozen’ the Broadway Musical Microsite Launched by Disney Theatrical

'Frozen' from Walt Disney Animation StudiosIn the wake of CEO Robert Iger’s declaration that ‘Disney’s Frozen will be heading to Broadway’ during a recent earnings conference call, Disney Theatrical — the stage production arm of Walt Disney Studios — has erected a microsite for the production currently under development.

That said, there is nothing particularly noteworthy for the site which can be found at FrozenTheMusical.com (FrozenMusical.com, FrozenOnStage.com, FrozenOnBroadway.com and FrozenBroadway.com now all redirect to it). There site visitors will simply see a form to provide their email address for updates on the ‘stage adaptation.. as it becomes available.’

In fact, arguably much more interesting is that it is evident based on the page’s source that it was really a modified promotional page for Disney’s adaptation of another film, The Princess Bride, right down to the ‘PB’ that serves as the site’s icon.

Several weeks ago, an article on Fortune.com reported that Iger had touted the production would be Broadway bound, causing an immediate stir, but when we made an inquiry to Disney Theatrical, they would confirm only that a project was in the early stages and would not confirm specific Broadway plans. With just 40 theaters in New York City’s famed district that qualify as being Broadway productions, competition for the space and demands for a certain level of production value makes producing shows incredibly expensive, with production companies often putting productions through their paces, either through off-Broadway or out-of-town, regional productions to gauge responses from the public before making the commitment. Disney currently has its record-smashing production of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Newsies’ on Broadway stages, with the latter almost not making it as far as it did. Later this month, ‘Aladdin’ begins previews, with ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ having its own out-of-town trial later this year.

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