Disney Publishes Plans for New Arendelle ‘Pavilion’ at Epcot (Frozen)

'Frozen Meet & Greet Building' at EpcotThe perpetual hot button topic of Walt Disney World fans is what the next pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase will be. Will it be Australia? Brazil? Russia? Israel? One of the marvels of the existing World Showcase is just how much space is available for development on property for additional pavilions. Now thanks to filings with the South Florida Water Management District office, we have our answer: Arendelle. Of course this doesn’t mean that Norway has been saved from handing over its Maelstrom attraction to Anna and Elsa of Disney’s Frozen, rather Queen Elsa has annexed the current ‘vacant’ lot located between the Mexico and and Norway pavilions for a project titled ‘Frozen Meet and Greet Building.’

According to the filed documents, the new 1+ acre project consists of building an approximately 13,000 square feet facility that ‘will house a Disney guest attraction and a women’s restroom,’ as well as a new 2,000 square foot ‘modular type’ building that will replace one that needs to be demolished for the new project. In addition, two backstage parking spots with 18 spaces will be constructed. Judging by the illustration and aerial photographs included in the filing, it appears the new facility will have its own direct access to the World Showcase Lagoon area and will not connect directly with the existing Norway pavilion.

Of course the number of floors will be a factor, but to give an idea of the new building’s size, a Google search for 13,000 square feet usually results in the keyword ‘mansion.’


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38 thoughts on “Disney Publishes Plans for New Arendelle ‘Pavilion’ at Epcot (Frozen)

  1. This would be awful. For starters it’s not even a real country, and takes the place of what could have been filled with a real country or maybe the improvement of one of the existing pavilions that could seriously use some love, and probably wouldn’t fail if they were given more attention than a fictional country from a movie.
    Second this movie had mediocre writing with a weak plot and a few catchy songs and I feel like myself and a large number of people are sick of Disney kicking this dead mediocre horse. Move on. Make a new project that exists outside of this movie universe. Pay attention to the marketing of the next movie so it doesn’t bomb instead of continuing to depend on one project for revenue. The children may not be sick of it but literally every one else is and the children will just as religiously love the next one and demand its merchandise if you just moved the heck on from Frozen and gave some attention to other films and projects.
    I refuse to say the line but i think it’s clear what line I’m hinting to.

  2. This is so wrong Disney has been making one mistake after another and I use to have so much respect for Disney sad its just going in the wrong direction I will be spending my money on anything but Disney and thats bad my whole house from top to bottom is Disney,

  3. So, Disney Corporate seems to think that it will be a good idea to get rid of my American Colonial Fife & Drum Corps at the American pavilion and then to put a FAKE country in the world showcase??? WHY??????????

  4. *vomits* RIP that side of the World Showcase. My wife and I won’t set foot near that area. Screw Frozen ten million times over.

  5. Also on the upside illegal immigrants from the Mexico pavilion would surely cross over the borders and in a few years Arendelle would be just like California or Texas overrun with drug cartels and gang violence so yay!

  6. hear me out – i’m sure it will be good/nice/whatever. everything disney does nowadays is.
    but i won’t go near it with a ten foot pole. i won’t get into my anti-frozen rant here, but basically doing this is blatantly disrespectful and offensive. the movie was okay at best, and their obsession with beating a dead horse (reindeer?) has turned me off so much from my once-beloved disney that i am losing interest in the parks.
    okay, yes, maelstrom needed an update and i’ll be the first to admit it. the solution to that is not to say ‘well, that’s that’ and hit it with a wrecking ball, it’s to update it. the whole norway pavilion could have used to be updated, which is not a big deal. they had a church – a norweigan CHURCH – showing norway’s history. now it’s showing arendale’s history.
    i find this whole matter honestly disrespectful of them, and while i understand that ‘they’re a company, they’re in it for the money’, i feel that this whole matter is showing that they no longer have the heart and interest in educational forms of interest and this frozen thing just goes to prove that they’re not the same company they used to be.

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