‘Frozen Fever’ Book Scheduled for March; Short in April?

'Frozen' on Disney Blu-rayWhen the all new Frozen short, ‘Frozen Fever,’ was announced at the tail end of the tail end of the television special, ‘The Story of Frozen: Making An Animated Classic,’ speculation ran rampant that it would be attached to Disney’s live action Cinderella despite only being told it would arrive in ‘spring 2015.’ It was always our assertion that not only this would not be the case, but it hinted at a still possible home video release of a 3D Blu-ray for Frozen which we originally anticipated for this month (prior to the Sing-Along edition announced for November). While we were put on blast for being the site that cried wolf, new evidence points to this possibility.

Random House is set to release at least two titles related to ‘Frozen Fever’ on March 10, 2015. First is a hardcover junior novelization which clocks in at a whopping 96 pages, as well as a pictureback with stickers. While Random House usually publishes the junior novelization for films, it doesn’t routinely publish one for shorts (for example, Disney is publishing one for Feast (attached to Big Hero 6) as a digital-only for October 21, available in both Kindle and iBooks formats). The rub here, however, is that when Random House has published the junior novelizations for films, they are consistently released roughly a month and a half in advance (e.g., in the case of both Big Hero 6 and Cinderella, it’s 46 days) — if that rule carries over to Frozen Fever, it puts the short’s release date on approximately April 25, 2015, which would not attach it to any known Disney film, adding credence to our guess that there will be an attachment to a Blu-ray release, whether it be the 3D Blu-ray of Frozen or another release as ‘Tangled Ever After’ or could possibly debut on ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ as a couple of previous shorts have.

In Frozen Fever, it’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa’s icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.

Unfortunately at this time, Random House has released little more than the information we’ve included above, but we will certainly update as additional information becomes available to us.



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3 thoughts on “‘Frozen Fever’ Book Scheduled for March; Short in April?

  1. The short was confirmed to be a theatrical release. You seemed to have missed that particular part. And even if it saw a release on a Frozen 3D Blu-ray, there’s still no confirmation that such a product is going to be released in the United States at ALL. As for which movie, if any, it WILL be attached to, it’s anybody’s guess. Most people assume “Cinderella” because it just seems to fit the target audience best; putting it in front of, say, Avengers: Age of Ultron would NOT be a smart move.

  2. This is an interesting thought, but I still think it’s attached to Cinderella. It only makes sense. It might get a re-release on the Frozen 3D Blu-Ray, but the first showing will be with Cinderella

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