‘Frozen’ Musical to Replace ‘Toy Story’ on Disney Cruise Line’s Wonder in 2016

FULL DISCLOSURE: Although Disney Cruise Line has stopped short of outright saying so, recent casting calls have announced a new show coming to the Disney Wonder (presumably to replace ‘Toy Story’ whose closure has already been announced). The ‘new’ roles, described below, are scheduled to begin in late summer of 2016.

The following has been officially announced: the new show will be directed by noted Broadway director Sheryl Kaller (‘Mothers and Sons’ and ‘Next Fall’) and choreographed by Joshua Prince (Carole King’s ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Shrek’).

The Frozen roles and descriptions are as follows (in the event you are the one single person who hasn’t yet seen the film):

Elsa: Princess who becomes Queen; fearfully plagued by powers she hasn’t yet learned to control; lives a life of isolation separated from society and those she loves, including her sister. Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano; mix/belt

Anna: Elsa’s younger sister; persistent, daring and highly optimistic; at times reacts impulsively; longs to reconnect with her sister Elsa; readily believes she’s found her one true love in Hans. Vocal Range: Soprano; mix/belt

Hans: Handsome prince from a neighboring kingdom; debonair, charming, possible dark undertones. 5’11”and above. Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

Kristoff: Ice harvester; rugged blue-collar type; a little rough around the edges, yet endearingly awkward; not your typical Disney hero; protector and loyal. 6’0” and above. Vocal Range: Baritone

Olaf: A skilled, sophisticated comic actor. A snowman created by Elsa’s magic; kind-hearted with a childlike innocence and honesty that makes him say the painfully obvious with positive gusto; 100% honest, 100% sincere. Song & Dance man. Vocal Range: Tenor; must have a high “A” full voice.

This comes as the next in a string of recent Frozen related announcements including a new animated holiday special airing on ABC in 2017 and the Broadway staged production of Frozen in 2018 (with an out-of-town run in 2017). A staged version of Frozen will also debut at Disney California Adventure’s Hyperion Theatre later this year.

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