New Gameplay Footage from ‘Epic Mickey’ Explores ‘Dark Beauty Castle’

Disney Interactive Studios and Junction Point Studios have recently released this gameplay video from Epic Mickey titled Dark Beauty Castle.

In what appears to be a tutorial level, Gremlin Gus (who was incidentally the result of a joint venture between Walt Disney and noted childrens author Roald Dahl) instructs Mickey on the use of using both the paint and thinner, not only to battle enemies (or help other characters), but also to manipulate the environment, sometimes by using both tools in conjunction with each other. Along the way, Mickey also picks up some tickets and tv tokens which allow him to distract enemies temporarily by plopping down a television in front of them. As a reward for saving a gremlin, Mickey also receives a golden trading pin.

Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii is expected to be released on November 1 and is now available for pre-order from in both standard and collectors’ edition formats.

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