Giraffe From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Euthanized at Springfield, MO Zoo

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Ten year old Asante, a male giraffe, left Disney’s Animal Kingdom earlier this week, headed for Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri. Owned by the San Diego Zoo and loaned out to other zoological parks for breeding purposes, Asante reportedly suffered a broken neck most likely in transit. Upon arrival at the Dickerson Park Zoo, the giraffe had difficulty exiting the trailer and maintaining his balance.

KYTV, Channel 3 in Springfield, MO, has more information on the unfortunate incident including a press release from the Zoo detailing the events that took place.

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One thought on “Giraffe From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Euthanized at Springfield, MO Zoo

  1. That is the second giraffe I've heard of dying from the same thing in the same way. The Tulsa Zoo in Oklahoma had one die that way. Someone should look into the company transporting the animals and see if it's the same one.

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