SPECULATION: Glidden Paint to Open ‘Colortopia’ Experience at Disney’s Epcot Innoventions

Glidden Colortopia at Epcot InnoventionsA colorful wall blocks off a large section in Epcot’s Innoventions, promising a ‘more colorful world’ to come. While heavily rumored that the new experience will be sponsored by Glidden Paint (who already has a licensing deal with Disney Consumer Products and Interactive), today we received our largest clues to date as to what we may be able to expect when the experience opens.

The answer is ‘Colortopia,’ which comes to us via a recent domain registration from Disney (EPCOTCOLORTOPIA.COM). As it turns out, Colortopia is a website that Glidden Paint uses to interact with potential customers to discuss color and paint. The site also features several online tools, including a very popular one titled ‘Color My Room‘ which allows site visitors to upload a photo of a room and virtually paint it to preview how the room may look with Glidden paint.

In addition, we have discovered that Glidden’s parent company, PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc., filed for a trademark application last month for COLORTOPIA which the application states will be used for ‘entertainment and amusement centers, namely, interactive play areas prompting players to engage in color and design concepts.’

Unfortunately it doesn’t go into great detail as to what the experience will entail, but we imagine Glidden’s ‘Colortopia’ will be a great fit with recent technological developments such as Tokyo Disney’s ‘Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House,’ ‘Paint the Night’ and ‘Made with Magic.’

Photo via @Attractions

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