‘Gravity Falls’ ‘Journal 3’ Internal Pages Sneak Peek (High Resolution)

Gravity Falls Journal 3Disney Press has released several internal pages from the upcoming Gravity Falls Journal 3 replica book being released on July 26, 2016 (available for pre-order). While we previously shared a sneak peek and additional details about the upcoming book, this is the first time we’re seeing pages directly from the source, including some that haven’t been seen until now.

Since we released the previous information, however, we have learned that the book page count has increased from 256 pages up to a total of 288. As creator Alex Hirsch mentioned at New York Comic-Con, the televised version of ‘Journal 3’ is just a ‘shorthand’ version — every page seen on the episode is re-created in the real-life journal, only it is full of much more detail and information. According to Hirsch, the book also goes deep into the ‘Gravity Falls’ mythos in regards to its founders as well as Dimension 52.

Below are the actual ‘Journal 3’ pages on the Gremloblin, Ghosts (Category One), Floating Eyeballs, Giant Vampire Bats and Gnomes (for additional pages, see our original report).

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Another interesting addition to the book’s marketing materials are blurbs from Guillermo del Toro and R.L. Stine:

‘Here, gathered for your perusal, are some chilling facts and memoirs — a geography of the beyond and a portal to memories of one of the greatest shows ever.’  — Guillermo del Toro

‘Gravity Falls is a place you wouldn’t want to live in. But it sure is fun to visit. A perfect combination of scary stuff and riotous humor that always keeps me coming back for more.’  — R.L. Stine

UPDATE: Several readers have pointed out that the ‘Unified Theory of Weirdness’ page actually appears to expand beyond the world of ‘Gravity Falls’ and carry on to Justin Roiland’s ‘Rick and Morty,’ with the depiction of what appears to be a plumbus as well as a Zigerion. Roiland and Hirsch are good friends and have often paid homage to eachother’s series through various Easter eggs. Roiland lends his voice to ‘Gravity Falls’ time traveler Blendin Blandin.

Also spotted in the mix is one of the crab people from ‘South Park.’

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