Sneak Peek: ‘Summerween’ in ‘Gravity Falls’

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We first mentioned the ‘Summerween’ episode of ‘Gravity Falls’ in our coverage of the Disney Television Animation panel at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year and now the time to celebrate is almost here! This Friday, the ‘Summerween’ episode premieres on Disney Channel and we’ve been given this first look at some of the hilarity that is sure to ensue.

Summerween is the Gravity Falls version of Halloween in Summer with Jack-o-Melons and lots of trick-or-treating.  Dipper and Mabel are excited to join in on the fun, but when Wendy casually mentions that trick-or-treating is for kids, Dipper’s whole outlook on the evening changes. The night gets even more complicated when a monster that Dipper accidentally insulted makes them fulfill his candy quota by night’s end or else he will eat them. The all-new episode premieres Friday at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Below are a few stills as well as a video clip from the show provided to us by Disney Channel in which Soos warns Dipper and Mabel about the Summerween Trickster. Warning: This clip may contain small spoilers and leave you hanging with an uncontrollable and insatiable hunger for a Mr. Adequate Bar.

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