TOY FAIR: ‘Gravity Falls’ Merchandise Arriving in Fall 2014

Fans have been clamoring for ‘Gravity Falls’ merchandise since the show began in 2012 and now that it’s proven itself with a new series on the way, along with the ‘Mabel’s Guide’ short-form series and a line of series-inspired books, merchandising will soon be hitting the shelf.

At the 111th Annual International Toy Fair currently being held in New York, we were able to meet with Jazwares who is getting ready to launch an entire line of ‘Gravity Falls’ toys beginning in fall of 2014. While no photos were allowed of the products we saw (and not all the information was readily available), we did learn a few details which you’ll find below.

  • PLUSH – At launch, there will be a small collection of small plush available. We saw plush for Mabel, Waddles and a gnome (we were told Dipper should also be made available at launch). Expect the plush to retail at$8.99.
  • FIGURES – These will be available as 2-packs ($10.99 each) coupling up: Mabel and Waddles; Dipper with Bill Cipher; and Grunkle Stan with gnome. In addition, a collectible mini-figure set will include: Gideon, Wendy, Dipper, Grunkle Stan, Mabel and Soos.
  • MYSTERY TOUR RIDE CART – A radio controlled version of Dipper driving the Mystery Tour golf cart.
  • MYSTERY BOOK INVESTIGATION KIT BOOK – A ‘copy’ of Journal #3, which opens up to reveal several items including a decoder wheel.

Also coming later this year, from Disguise, will be Halloween costumes for Mabel, Dipper and a ‘barfing gnome accessory,’ as we previously shared on Twitter.


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6 thoughts on “TOY FAIR: ‘Gravity Falls’ Merchandise Arriving in Fall 2014

    • Well, Alex said it would take about a year on his AMA, and that was about six months ago, so there’s a general idea of when it’s coming, but it’s not like it’s close enough to have an exact date.

  1. This is excellent! It’s great to see Gravity Falls become even more of an investment for Disney. It’s a wonderful show and I’m glad to see Disney produce more standard cartoons. Gravity Falls is the best genuine kid’s show I’ve seen in a very long time. Can’t wait for Season Two, Mr. Hirsch!

    (That was a figure of speech. I will, of course, have to wait.)

  2. I guess Disney doesn’t care at all about quality if they’ve gone with Jazwares. Well at least I don’t have to spend money on Gravity Falls stuff now.

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