Handy Manny Educates New Tools in New Playhouse Disney Short-Form Series in January

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A new group of tools joins Playhouse Disney with the premiere of the animated short-form series, “Handy Manny School for Tools,” MONDAY, JANUARY 25 (8:25 a.m. ET/PT) on Disney Channel.

Inspired by the Emmy-nominated hit series “Handy Manny,” starring Wilmer Valderrama, the three-minute shorts feature Manny and his trusty tools alongside a set of 11 new tools: Beamer the laser level, Zip the power socket wrench, Pinzas the needle nose pliers, Sneeze the shop vac, Tick and Totts the socket wrenches, Roland the tool chest, Spinner the power drill and a family of crescent wrenches – dad Lefty, mom Lily and son Junior.

The stories are designed to provide young viewers insight into cooperation and the value of individual talent and contribution as Manny teaches his tools – Pat, Felipe, Dusty, Stretch, Squeeze, Rusty, Turner and Flicker – and their new tool friends how to complete simple jobs using their own unique skills.

The first eight new shorts will premiere throughout the week of January 25, and an additional 11 episodes will debut through the rest of the year.

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