Handy Manny’s Sensational Summer Saturdays – All New Episodes Begin June 20

Disney Channel will premiere eight new episodes of its hit multicultural series “Handy Manny,” starring the voice of Wilmer Valderrama, every Saturday throughout the summer beginning SATURDAY, JUNE 20 (8:30 a.m. ET/PT) and concluding with a marathon of episodes on SATURDAY, AUGUST 15 (6:00 – 10:00 a.m. ET/PT). Guest stars featured in the new episodes include “Happy Days” alumni Henry Winkler and Marion Ross, Broadway’s “Hairspray” alumni Shannon Durig and Ashley Parker Angel, and Lance Bass.

The episode schedule is as follows:

Saturday, June 20 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – “Danny Starr / Quinceañera”
When pop singer Danny Starr (Ashley Parker Angel) has some equipment trouble before his concert in the park, Manny and the tools step in to help ensure that the show goes on. Then, when a powerful fan blows all the petals off the flower centerpieces right before Señor Ayala’s niece’s Quinceañera, Manny and the tools must find a new flower source and get the fan fixed before the guests arrive.

Saturday, June 27 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – “The Good, The Bad, The Handy”
While repairing an old stone well, the tools learn about what life was like in Sheet Rock Hills back in the days of the Old West.

Saturday, July 4 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – “Lyle & Leland Lopart / Blackout on the Block”
When Manny and his nephew are in competition with Mr. Lopart and his twin nephews in the Sheet Rock Hills Soapbox Derby, the twins, who are a lot like their uncle, quickly learn about teamwork when they suddenly need help from Manny and his crew. Then a blackout occurs in Sheet Rock Hills and Manny and the tools must help pet store owner Cassie keep her baby chicks warm until power is restored.

Saturday, July 11 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – “A Day at the Beach / The Party Dress”
Manny and the tools head to the beach for a day off, but when lifeguard Elliot accidentally breaks the steps to his tower, they must scramble to find a way to fix it without any supplies. Then a special dress of Kelly’s gets stuck high up on a broken rack at the dry cleaners and Manny and the tools must find a way to get the dress down in one piece in time for that afternoon’s Tardeada.

Saturday, July 18 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – “Singing Salon / Manny’s Makeover”
When the record player at the Singing Salon breaks, crooning hairstylist, Aurelia (Shannon Durig) is left unable to sing or do hair, and it’s up to Manny and the tools to make the repair before Mrs. Portillo (Shelley Morrison) is left with a disastrously unfixable hair-do. Then, when Manny ruins his shirt while on a job at Mrs. Lopart’s (Marion Ross) house, she gives both Manny and the tools a makeover with a brand new shirt for Manny and tool bag for the tools that she designed, much to their chagrin.

Saturday, July 25 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – “A Night with Abuelito / Canine Case”
Manny and the tools go to Abuelito’s house to fix a window, but must spend the night when a snowstorm arrives sooner than expected. Then Dusty reprises her role as a detective in order to help Officer Pete, Manny, and the other tools find Mrs. Portillo’s beloved dog, Carlos.

Saturday, August 1 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – “Saving the Turtles / Abuelito’s Siesta”
Manny and the tools build a bike trail that won’t disturb the hatching turtles nearby, and then fix a noisy clock for Abuelito so he can take his siesta.

Saturday, August 8 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) – “Picture Perfect / Some Assembly Required”
When Manny is the 100th customer at Mr. Diller’s (Henry Winkler) Variety Store, he wins his choice of any item in the store and shares his prize with the tools. Then the tools learn a valuable lesson about following instructions when they try to assemble a play structure at the community center on their own.

Saturday, August 15 (6:00 – 10:00 a.m., ET/PT)
6:00 a.m.        “Saving the Turtles / Abuelito’s Siesta”
6:30 a.m.         “Picture Perfect / Some Assembly Required”
7:00 a.m.         “Singing Salon / Manny’s Makeover
7:30 a.m.        “A Night with Abuelito / Canine Case”
8:00 a.m.         “Lyle & Leland Lopart / Blackout on the Block”
8:30 a.m.         “The Good, The Bad, The Handy”
9:00 a.m.         “Danny Starr / Quinceañera”
9:30 a.m.        “A Day at the Beach / The Party Dress”

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