Hasbro Puts New Spin on Classic Board Games for Disney, ‘Cars 2,’ ‘Pirates,’ and More

Parker Brothers has been synonymous with classic board games beloved by families for generations. From Monopoly to Sorry! to Trouble to the (relative) new kid on the block, Trivial Pursuit, and more, no family game night is has been complete without at least one of them.

For Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2, however, at the 2011 New York International Toy Fair, parent company Hasbro is shifting into higher gear, offering expanded and improved gameplay on the classics, taking full advantage of the Pixar property’s theming. Unfortunately due to restrictions due to the sensitivity of details from the film not yet revealed, we are unable to share any photos at this time, but we will do our best to describe the enhanced gameplay involved. As it was, many of the graphics were covered as they pertained to unreleased details from the film.

First up is Monopoly. Gone is the traditional square-shaped gameboard as the new gameboard is shaped like a circle, taking the shape and form of a racetrack. The dice have been replaced by Lightning McQueen who is finger-flicked around the track to determine the number of spaces moved. When it debuts this spring, expect it to retail for around $19.99.

Next is Operation! As the Disney theme parks already have a Lightning McQueen edition (produced by Hasbro licensee USAopoly), it’s now Mater’s turn. Mater is suffering from all sorts of ailments such as a broken belt, (topical) bed bugs and even tow jam (yeah, we said it). Some of Mater’s conditions remained hidden as they relate directly with Cars 2 plot points, but we couldn’t help but note that where the gameboard itself was missing it, the box cover mentioned (wait for it) bad gas. Another thing that sets this edition of Operation apart is that the buzzer is replaced by actual recordings of Mater. It too should retail for $19.99. In addition, Basic Fun will be producing a portable keychain edition of the Cars 2 Mater Operation game which you can find pictured below (SPOILER WARNING).

Keeping with the racetrack theme, the popular Sorry! Sliders revamp has entered the world of Cars by turning the gameboard into a configurable racetrack. To help keep things moving along, ball bearings have even been added to the game’s tokens. Sorry! Sliders Cars 2 edition will retail for $24.99.

Even the ultra-simple game of Memory takes on a new angle when it becomes a virtual drag race between Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernouli. The traditional element remains at the core as players try to match the hidden tiles, but now the matches go into the ‘grandstand’ display and the matched characters turn into spectators as each player moves their token along the strip. Memory Cars 2 edition will retail for $19.99.

Also in the mix is a Cars 2 edition of Pop-O-Matic Trouble in which Mater is the dice roller and a Cars 2 edition of the popular game Pictureka!

The other big news is that Hasbro will be releasing a new, family-friendly take on Trivial Pursuit called Disney Trivial Pursuit for All. Instead of six categories, the game has three different types of questions: multiple choices, second chances (which pair a Disney question with a non-Disney question) and (what appears to be) a how-well-do-you-know-me? For each correct answer, a player is awarded a wedge for their token, as is the case with the traditional version, however there is no requirement to get wedges for each ‘category.’ Look for Disney Trivial Pursuit for All this fall for about $29.99.

Finally, Hasbro will be releasing a Sorry! Phineas and Ferb edition this summer.

On a related note, Hasbro and fellow Disney licensee USAopoly will be contributing new editions of the classic boardgames themselves, starting with games for Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. Continuing their collector’s editions of Yahtzee which replace the traditional dice cup with custo elements, the Pirates of the Caribbean edition will feature a ‘silver chalice cup’ for the dice rolling.

There will also be a brand new edition of Monopoly for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Previously, USAopoly had released a trilogy edition which combined elements from the first three films, but this new edition, which showcases Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica in its central graphics, focuses only on the new film, with a whole new layout and property set on an absolutely beautiful gameboard.

USAopoly will also continue to expand their Nightmare Before Christmas offerings this year, starting with an Oogie Boogie edition which had previously been exclusive to Barnes & Noble and an Oogie edition of Operation, which like the Mater edition, uses soundbites from the Boogieman himself instead of a buzzer (and there are a LOT of them). Look for it in August.

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