Huge Fireworks Displays Indoors? It’s Possible According to Disney Patent Applications

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I won’t pretend to understand them, but two related patent applications have just been published for Disney Enterprises in which Disney presents a way of producing colorful fireworks using an alternative chemical make-up.

The problem with current fireworks, the applications say, is that the perchlorates commonly found in pyrotechnics such as fireworks produce a large amount of smoke which makes use of large fireworks inside some closed arenas such as stadiums implausible. In addition, even when used outdoors, the perchlorates can find their way into a small percentage of drinking water, posing health risks.

Citing previously granted patents offering alternative chemical make-up of fireworks to produce low-smoke fireworks, Disney’s applications point out that the existing solutions require ingredients that are not readily available.

Disney has already pioneered new innovations in the pyrotechnics industry, having developed the Air-Launch Fireworks (ALF) system used at Disneyland and Epcot in which many (but not all) of the fireworks shells are launched into the air using compressed air as opposed to the industry norm of gunpowder.

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