Ian McShane Joins Disney in Reveal of LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow Life-Size Statue

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Earlier this evening, Disney Consumer Products debuted new lines of toys from LEGO and JAKKS Pacific for this summer’s blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. Highlights of the event included appearances by production designer John Myhre and Ian McShane who takes on the role of Blackbeard, the pirate all pirates fear.

As part of the event, Disney and LEGO unveiled a six foot tall ‘life-size’ statue of Captain Jack Sparrow, the first of its kind. The highly detailed statue, which includes a removable sword, consists of approximately 150,000 LEGO bricks and took more than 200 man hours to design and build. Approximately 70 of those hours alone were used in the creation of Jack’s head which was all done without the assistance of computers.

Also taking place during the event, Ian McShane was presented with his very own one-off custom Blackbeard transforming pirate which reveals the pirate’s curse when placed under blacklight. Production designer John Myhre, who talked at length about the fiery and skeletal details of the Queen Anne’s Revenge and Blackbeard himself, received a limited edition print of the ship from Acme Archives.

Attendees also got a preview of the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean video game after viewing the trailer for the film.

Below is our preliminary gallery of photos from the event. As always, click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version.

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We’ll be providing more details soon, but look for most of the products in Mid May. The JAKKS Pacific line of toys will come as early as March, exclusively at Toys R Us and Wal-mart.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will debut in theaters nationwide on May 20.

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