Speculation: Could Disney Imagination Online Reincarnate Virtual Magic Kingdom?

Admittedly, this little puppy has been sitting in the Stitch Kingdom inbox for a long time, but recent activity makes it harder to ignore. You see, back in March, Disney registered a slew of domain names at once, including: disneyimaginationgame.com, disneyimaginationgame.net, disneyimaginationworld.net, disneysimagination.net, disneyworldofimagination.net, imaginationonlinegame.net, disneyimaginationonline.com, disneyimaginationonline.net, disneyimaginationworld.com, disneysimagination.com, disneyworldofimagination.com, imaginationonlinegame.com, disneyimagination.net, disneyimagination.org, disneyimaginationgame.org, disneyimaginationonline.org, disneyimaginationworld.org, disneysimagination.org, disneyworldofimagination.org and imaginationonlinegame.org.

Can you detect a pattern here? The sheer number of domain names registered as well as the common thread should have been enough for us to jump all over it, but alas, it did not. So why do we choose to revisit this months-old topic all the way in July? Not because of what Disney did then, but what they did just the other day. And that was — yes, you guessed it — registered even more domain names. But not just any domain names… international domain names:     disneyimaginationonline.at, disneyimaginationonline.ch, disneyimaginationonline.com.ve, disneyimaginationonline.dk, disneyimaginationonline.in, disneyimaginationonline.it, disneyimaginationonline.jp, disneyimaginationonline.pl and disneyimaginationonline.ru.

So apparently this project will ultimately be called Disney Imagination Online, but the real question is just what is it? We know that China already has an online MMO called Disney Fantasy, developed by NetDragon, in which players (or, as the music to Bob Iger’s ears sings out, subscribers) build virtual castles in worlds based on Disney properties. And, of course, there was the free Virtual Magic Kingdom over which many fans still lose sleep at night over losing.

If we were betting folk, and we are, our bets are placed on a future Disney MMO with a free/paid subscription model essentially modeled after Club Penguin, Pixie Hollow, World of Cars, et al.,but with Captain Rockhopper sporting Mickey Mouse ears instead of a pirate hat (and no beard, to conform with the Disney Look).

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