‘Disney Infinity’ Toy Art for Marvel, Princess Properties Surfaces

'Disney Infinity' Concept ArtIt’s probably not too hard to imagine that one of the most popular questions constantly being posed to Disney’s Avalanche Software, developer of ‘Disney Infinity’ is if and when Marvel or Star Wars will be introduced as playables. While it just wasn’t likely Lucasfilm properties would find their way into the first generation of the gaming platform simply because of the timing, the potential for tapping into Marvel was there — as it is, Marvel does actually have a known presence in the game in the form of the Incredible Hulk townsperson costume.

Now, thanks to a graphic designer involved with the project, we have our first look at the closest realization to the first ‘Disney Infinity’ Marvel playable yet — Captain America, pictured here along with Sleeping Beauty‘s Aurora as Briar Rose. In fairness, this is not the first time we’ve seen these two as possible game characters, the first inkling being early concept art by David Gilson (which can be seen here as Gilson’s original post on his blog has since been removed), but this is the closest we’ve seen them under the premise of being actual toys in the actual incarnation. As an added bonus, the artists’ contributions also included ‘Disney Infinity’ toy designs for Jeff Fungus from Monsters Inc. and Gazerbeam from The Incredibles (neither of which we have opted to share here at this time).

Despite the obvious tie-ins to Maleficent and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, however, nothing has yet to be confirmed by Disney Interactive and while the artwork appears to be official, it also appears to be dated (as evidenced here by Woody’s pose) and it’s quite possible plans have since changed or perhaps even postponed for a second (or later) generation of ‘Disney Infinity.’ What we have been able to ascertain is that the image seen here was part of a proposal for the game by advertising firm Interbrand (who appears to have no history with Disney as a client) which featured a completely different take on the ‘Disney Infinity’ logo and would have featured a series of lenticular video game packaging.

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