‘Disney Infinity’ Online Listings Unearth New Details, Confirm Reports

'Disney Infinity' Davy Jones FigureWith just a few months to go until ‘Disney Infinity’ hits the shelves, etailers around the world have begun listing the game and its various components and accessories, offering us a glimpse of what we can expect on its launch date in June.

Amazon.com as well as several others have already begun listing the starter pack for consoles which includes Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3. Curiously enough, they (and several other etailers) also list the same starter pack for the same price for the Nintendo 3DS. This is somewhat telling since the 3DS version is expected to be essentially a completely scaled down experience due to hardware constraints, so selling an entire starter pack for it at full retail seems a bit ambitious to say the least. Just to expand on that, we have been told by Disney Interactive that there will not be any software-only version of the product, so if you wish to play it on both your Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii (or any other console), you will be required to purchase the full starter pack for each, despite the fact that the hardware is fairly independent of the software.

Also listed for pre-order are some of the 17 or so additional figures that will be available at launch including Mike Wazowski, Davy Jones, Syndrome, Violet, Captain Barbossa, Dash and Mrs. Incredible.

Our report that a Cars play set would be available at launch was also confirmed, but it appears the only etailer currently listing it that we could find is Entertainment Earth (we presume the price is incorrectly posted and have notified them as such). Their description goes on to confirm our original reports that the play set will include Lightning McQueen and Holly Shiftwell while Tow Mater and Franceso Bernoulli figures will be available separately. Interestingly enough, Entertainment Earth’s description also confirms our report of The Lone Ranger being supported in the future.

Lastly, while we anticipate more characters being announced for launch as well as a full line of accessories for display and power disc keeping, one other item of note we found was a book titled Disney Infinity: Infinite Possibilities. According to the description, this 80-page companion book to the highly anticipated Disney┬áInfinity video game will introduce players to the beloved Disney and Pixar characters and worlds featured in the game. Players will learn all about their favorite characters, including Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley, Lightning McQueen and The Incredibles. In addition, this first companion book will explore all six initial Play Sets, such as the worlds of Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cars as well as provide tips on building entire worlds in the Toy Box mode straight from the game’s creators.

The book is the only item we found domestically with a specific release date of June 18, which coincidentally when we have been reporting ‘Disney Infinity’ to be released. In the UK, June 28 is being listed as the release date for ‘Disney Infinity’ while in France, it appears to be July 15.


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