REPORT: ‘Disney Infinity’ Marvel Super Heroes Hands-On and News

Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy BoxAt the Disney Consumer Products holiday preview event recently held in New York City, I was able to get some limited play time in on the ‘Disney Infinity 2.0’ Marvel Super Heroes edition ‘Spider-Man’ play set and toy box.

Overall the game play seems to be on par with — if not better than — the first generation. One particularly cool upgrade, however, is a ‘compass’ or ‘radar’ on the heads-up display which should be familiar to any casual gamer, which points out points of interest as well additional quest locations. Additionally, due to the size of the play set area, on-screen indicators pop up to indicate the distance to points of interest as you travel towards them.

Admittedly however, I spent the bulk of the play set time not fulfilling quests, but just having fun with it. As Spider-Man, I was able to swing my way through the streets of Manhattan, over to Liberty Island, and attempt to ascend the Statue of Liberty. Although I was able to make it up the foundation, it appeared that Lady Liberty herself hadn’t yet been tagged for wall crawling, so I switched over to Iron Man and flew up to the torch. From there, I jetted uptown, past the Daily Bugle, to the top of the Empire State Building where I found a collectible was waiting for me (and fortunately no giant ape).

Admittedly I may have also picked up and tossed a civilian or two (and as a super hero, it’s worth noting tossed civilians go pretty darn far — and bounce).

My time in the toy box was mostly limited to experimenting with new power discs such as the Main Street Electrical Parade vehicle which I learned also shoots off fireworks and confetti. Also explored briefly was the included Asgard tower defense game disc in which the player spends game currency to build walls and turrets to fend off invading enemies.

Below are various factoids I also managed to glean from my brief session. Some (or much) of this may already be known, but all (most) of it was new to me, but also should not be taken as gospel.

  • It’s already been known that although Iron Man belongs to ‘The Avengers’ play set , he can cross over and play in the ‘Spider-Man’ play set where there are specific cut-scenes and quests for him. There will be additional Marvel characters that will be able to cross over into future play sets as well.
  • A whole new destruction system was devised for play set gameplay for buildings and other objects.
  • Samuel L. Jackson provides the voice for Nick Fury.
  • When probed for how much more ‘Gravity Falls’ content can be anticipated beyond what’s been seen already, executive producer John Vignocchi replied only with ‘[creator] Alex Hirsch is an amazing guy.’
  • Environmental power discs will not only change the appearance of objects inside the Toy Box but will play related music as well, such as ‘The Circle of Life’ from The Lion King.
  • Angelina Jolie did not provide the voice for Maleficent due to prior obligations, but did personally approve the figure’s design (and reportedly was the first celebrity to request a copy of the original ‘Disney Infinity’ title).
  • The ‘Disney Infinity 2.0’ architecture appears to provide support for downloadable content (DLC) but nothing is announced at this time (potential delivery of building tools was mentioned as a possibility), but the focus will continue to be on user generated content (UGC).
  • Disney Interactive hired some of the more prolific community content generators from the first generation of ‘Disney Infinity’ with the sole job of creating complex levels that will be available to download day of launch.
  • As ‘Disney Infinity 1.0’ items (minus play sets) are forward-compatible, including the base, an alternate download-only version of the Toy Box 2.0 will be offered. The one exception is for those wanting to play on the Xbox One console as Microsoft mandated changes in the peripherals which will require purchase of the starter pack.
  • Toy Box modifications to facilitate mini-game development now includes the ability to take NPC characters and attach them to the storyline, including giving them chat bubbles.
  • Skill trees are specific to the figure itself, not just the character. So if you have two of a particular figure, you can specialize one in one area and the other in another area.
  • Team Up power discs can be stacked and used in multi-player mode, meaning up to 6 in-game characters can be playing inside a play set at any time.
  • Additional Disney-specific reveals and announcements will be made about a week prior to San Diego Comic-Con.
  • The ‘Disney Infinity’ arcade will return to San Diego Comic-Con (off-site) along with an on-floor presence and participation in the Marvel games panel. Additional Marvel-related reveals and announcements will be made.


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