‘Disney Infinity’ Power Discs Series 3 Release Date Announced

'Disney Infinity' Power Discs Wave 3The third and final wave of power discs for the first generation of ‘Disney Infinity’ will be released on April 1, 2014, the same day that the ‘Phineas & Ferb’ Toybox Set is scheduled to be released. This news comes via a new listing for the blind packs on DisneyStore.com.

The third series will consist of just fifteen discs rather than the usual twenty as five of the 10 discs sold by Toys ‘R’ Us will in fact remain exclusive to them. The discs are expected to include: Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat, Violet’s Force Field, Rapunzel’s Healing, Chernabog’s Power, Wall-E’s Fire Extinguisher, Toy Story Mania Blaster, Dragon Firework Cannon, Tantor, Phillipe, Angus, Dr. Calico’s Helicopter, Cruella De Vil’s Car, Wall-E’s Collection, Buy n Large Atmosphere and Disney Parks Parking Lot Tram.

As with all other ‘Disney Infinity’ accessories, the power discs are platform independent.

Although Disney CEO Robert Iger has recently confirmed there will be additional ‘iterations’ of the popular Disney video game, no explicit mention was made of the prospect of factoring in Marvel and Star Wars characters or when to expect the new release, only that it would not occur within the next few months at least.

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5 thoughts on “‘Disney Infinity’ Power Discs Series 3 Release Date Announced

  1. Sucks to wait that long for series 3. I just started collecting last month. Took me a month to find all of the discs from the 1st and 2nd series. I’m still trying to figure out how to get merlins summons.

    • Look on Ebay but be very careful not to bid on it. I bought my “Merlin Summons for 18.00 because I wanted to complete the album. If you are not in a big hurry, check Amazon I found a Cars disc I was missing & found it cheap there. Happy hunting & collecting. Almost forgot some video game stores are carrying used Disney Infinity & discs & game characters that people trade in. Be careful to check & make sure are non machine specific. Target also carries complete disc series albums too. I too just began about a month ago so talk to friends who play, they may also have great suggestions

  2. Hey those of you that are still looking, check out the Facebook group Disney Infinity Traders. It’s a great place to trade or buy discs from other collectors, as well as figures and accessories. It’s a closed group so you can message me if you’d like me to add you.

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