‘Disney Infinity’ Pre-Order Best Deals Online

Disney InfinityWith the August 18, 2013 release date for Disney Infinity looming, retailers are beginning to step up their offers to entice consumers to choose them as the shop of choice when it comes to the starter pack, expansion packs, additional figures and accessories from PDP to show off and tote collections.

Tied for the leaders in the fairly tight race currently appears to be Amazon.com and GameStop.com who are bundling the starter sets with a figure of choice plus a blind pack of Disney Infinity power discs at the retail list of $74.95. For details and options, visit Amazon.com or GameStop.com.

In second position is DisneyStore.com which is offering a $15 store credit, technically more than the price of a Disney Infinity figure, along with free shipping. The only downside is that the credit must be redeemed by September 2, 2013. For more details, visit DisneyStore.com.

Right behind them is Best Buy who at this time is offering just an additional figure (no Power Disc pack).

Walmart is offering $4.99 in VUDU credit for customers who purchase the starter pack from them. They are also offering 10 free movies for those who sign up for the service for a limited time.

No known offers exist for Toys R Us, Target and other major retailers who are currently taking pre-orders for Disney Infinity, but it’s important to note that retailers are adjusting these offers all the time to stay competitive, so they should be checked on periodically to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Also more figures are expected to be revealed as we build up to the game’s final release so unless you’re planning to collect them all, that’s something else to watch out for.

As a reminder, you will need a starter pack for each platform/console you wish to play the game for software reasons — figures themselves are platform independent and store individual memory on the figures themselves.

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