‘Disney Infinity’ Hands-On Review, Part Three: San Diego Comic-Con

Disney Infnity Loki FigureThis time around with ‘Disney Infinity 2.0,’ I have been blessed with the opportunity to preview the game several times over the past couple of months and this past week at San Diego Comic-Con I had the additional pleasure of checking it out every day of the con that the pop-up shop was open, including the special Disney D23 event with Alex Hirsch of ‘Gravity Falls.’ I also had the larger pleasure of talking with a few of the folks on the development team and gained additional insight into the game.

Below is my third list of observations and factoids I’ve obtained about ‘Disney Infinity 2.0.’ They have been written from memory so there’s a good chance there’s even more points of interests I have forgotten, so I reserve the right to add them to the bottom of the list as they come to me. In case you missed the previous reports, here are Part One and Part Two.

  • Loki, Ronan and Green Goblin are confirmed for first Marvel Villains, the first of the second wave. Detailed photos, screens and the trailer will be released on Monday.
  • Despite the Disney Infinity Collector’s Edition having a spot for Loki, he will not be a surprise bonus in the Collector’s Edition. No villain will be available at launch.
  • Also confirmed for Disney Infinity but not officially announced per se is a Baymax playable from Big Hero 6.
  • At ‘Gravity Falls’ panel, creator Alex Hirsch explicitly and definitively said while the game has ‘Gravity Falls’ elements, there are no playables for 2.0. Sources had previously confirmed this.
  • Disney Infinity 'Gravity Falls' Power DiscsThree ‘Gravity Falls’ power discs had been revealed and given away during San Diego Comic-Con: Gravity Falls Forest and Gravity Falls Skies were given away during the ‘Gravity Falls’ autograph session; and Mabel’s Kitten for Fists was given away during the Disney D23 member Disney Infinity event and signing. As it turned out, all three were usable on the Comic-Con build of the game, though the discs themselves were not on display.
  • The ‘Gravity Falls’ water tower in the game that had been previously spotted is part of the Skies power disc, not an object. The giant lumberjack can also be spotted in the background.
  • Mabel’s Kittens for Fists is a hex disc which means in case of co-op, both players get them. They shoot disembodied kitten heads which temporarily attach to and do damage to enemies.
  • The big takeaway for the Toy Box Game Discs is that they are — in effect — toy boxes that theoretically could have been constructed by anyone inside the toy box.
  • Doors can not only be used to create interiors, but can also be used to link toy boxes, which is how the Toy Box Game Disc pulls off things like levels (each level is a separate toy box that gets linked to by a door).
  • Disney Infinity Toy Box Game DiscsAt this time, there are two types of Toy Box Game Discs: Tower Defense (Thor, Stitch) and Dungeon Crawler (Ronan, Merida)
  • The Thor and Ronan Toy Box Game Discs are including with the Marvel Super Heroes starter pack. How future discs are obtained is not announced at this time.
  • The Merida game focuses on obtaining cakes for the witch from Brave while facing enemies such as wooden bears and will-o-the-wisps.
  • The Toy Box Games feature the use of objects called sidekicks who assist during the game.
  • Sidekicks can be upgraded through rewards that are discovered while playing the Toy Box Game
  • Objects unlocked by play include Concepts which are objects featuring ‘Disney Infinity’ concept art from both generations. There are 20 per play set to unlock and they are viewable in a gallery selectable from the game’s first menu.
  • Interiors are limited in terms of objects that can be placed in building. Objects must make sense for interiors and cannot include logic toys. For all intents and purposes, interiors are akin to igloos in Club Penguin.
  • Players will not earn enough skill points to purchase every option in the skill tree, but if points are spent wisely, every power move can be purchased.
  • Co-op play now allows the second figure to obtain experience and level up as long as the figure is associated with a profile (player is prompted when figure is placed on base and start is pressed on the second controller).
  • The Mini-Milano vehicle has become one of my favorites. The SHIELD hover car, which transitions between flying and driving, is a close second as it allows the player to pop-up a load-out menu and arm it with weapons (3? types to choose from).
  • If players run out of health in play sets, the toy ‘breaks’ and there is a penalty which requires the player to switch to another figure (this is said to encourage using other figures), however in co-op mode, the second player can help revive the broken toy without having to switch. The length of the penalty is not known other than ‘it’s not that long.’ In Toy Box games, the toy respawns at the last checkpoint automatically with no penalty.



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