‘Disney Infinity’ Point of Sale Display Reveals Additional Influences

'Disney Infinity' Point of SaleThe range of Disney characters and other film influences when it comes to Disney Interactive’s upcoming gaming platform, ‘Disney Infinity,’ has seemingly been endless infinite. Nothing demonstrates this more than the iconic image often used which shows the mash-up of characters across many of the Disney franchises. As characters and playsets are officially revealed, so changes the imagery as characters are added and the image subsequently toyed with.

We recently stumbled across (and posted to our Facebook/Twitter feeds) an image which — while it was not the focus of the photo — appeared to include a mock-up of a very wide endcap for ‘Disney Infinity.’ It was then brought to our attention that the very same character line-up image included additional characters and franchises that had not previously been associated with ‘Disney Infinity.’

In response, we now present a larger version of that image as well as some of the observations.

Vanellope von Schweetz is now front and off-center, but she has been seen many times in promotional footage of the game’s ‘toy box’ mode, so that should come as no surprise. Next to her, however are images of Sparky and Victor from Frankenweenie. However we do need to keep in mind that just because the characters are seen here does not mean they will be playable characters. For example, Disney Interactive has previously announced that while Edna Mode and Mirage from The Incredibles will appear in the game itself, but not be playable, they appear alongside other characters in promotional images. In addition, we do know that there are power discs that pay tribute to Frankenweenie so we can not suggest in any way that an appearance here means anything more than that.

That aside, however, just to the left of Vanellope, we have what appears to be Oscar Diggs/The Wizard and Theodora/the Wicked Witch from Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful which could indicate the film will also have some presence in the game. Again, however, it could be as minor as a power disc as there will be three series of 20 discs each, not including the known exclusive set(s) of ten, so there’s a lot of potential for them there.

Also of note: the appearance of the Yeti (presumably not shown before due to his surprise cameo in Monsters University), different poses/facial expressions for charac

All that aide, please enjoy this first look at how you will soon be able to purchase ‘Disney Infinity’ starter sets, playsets, figures, power discs and more.

h/t Disney Infinity Fans

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