Disney Teases ‘Disney Infinity’ (Code Name Toy Box), Its Game-Changing Game

Disney InfinityIn a recent New York Times article on Disney Interactive, Robert Iger teased an upcoming ‘ambitious’ project known internally as ‘Toy Box,’ but our readers probably know it better by its commercial title, Disney Infinity. Although we’ve known about Disney Infinity for quite some time, there really hasn’t been much information available for us to share, so we could only do as much as to mention it briefly last month when responding to rumors about ‘Kingdom Hearts 1.5.’ (Note that in our article, we incorrectly identified the project name as sandbox when it should read ‘Toy Box’).

Although we already knew ‘Disney Infinity’ was a large, ambitious project which we believe to use NFC/RFID collectible physical items that will interact with the console apps, Iger explains it is much larger than that. According execs at Disney Interactive, Disney Infinity will be a console game (as we already shared) that will feature Disney/Pixar and classic Disney characters to interact in environments which extend to several mobile and online applications, probably lending the ‘infinite possibilities’ to the game’s title.

As a sidebar, we have seen a dramatic increase in incoming searches from Disney employees looking for any information online regarding Disney Infinity since the New York Times article, which does not yet mention the project by its proper name.


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