International Teaser for Disney’s Tangled Features New Additional Footage

If you haven’t already gotten enough of the teaser trailer for Tangled released by Walt Disney Studios, we have a little bit more for you to not get enough of. Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Netherlands comes the following video which features some extended footage which most notably consists of Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) first entering the tower as well as getting his first glimpse of Rapunzel (Mandy Moore).

And do not fret, my dear readers, despite the dialogue being in Dutch (I understood ‘Hi’), Pink’s Trouble is still tightly integrated. Enjoy:

Now that said, there’s something interesting to note in the marketing of this film — I mean aside from the re-titling. Notice in the Dutch version that Flynn cries out the infamous line ‘Rapunzel, (Rapunzel), let down your hair!’ while her name, all .8 seconds of it, was cut out of the domestic version. Coincidence?

Just for fun, I also spent a little (read: very little) time splicing the new footage into the teaser trailer that was released yesterday. Be warned, my editing software is almost as bad as my editing skills, so other than the noticeable changes in audio, you might notice some other weird stuff. I am aware Rapunzel’s hair goes up twice — if you’ll notice in the extended footage, Flynn is still walking around at the time it goes up, so the teaser trailer has that clip out of chronological order and I didn’t think it was worth trying to cut out of the original.

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