iPhone App Review: Disney Fireworks

Disney Fireworks for iPhoneTitle: Disney Fireworks (link)
Publisher: Walt Disney
Released: September 11, 2009
Cost: $1.99
iTouch?: Yes
Pros: Based off popular game genre, familiar images/music
Cons: Cost
Review: This is Disney’s iPhone version of the arcade/video game smash hit Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with a couple of twists. Choosing from one of four environments, each with its own instrumental music: Peter Pan’s Neverland with ‘Second Star to the Right;’  Mulan’s Emperor’s Castle with ‘Reflection;’ Lilo and Stitch’s Hawaii with ‘He Mele No Lilo;’ and Mickey in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the premise is to press the appropriate color as the fireworks shell crosses the line at the top. Press the shell on target and it explodes into one of varying colors of fireworks, even the occasional Hidden Mickey firework. The  line is often not straight across either so it provides a larger challenge when you have competing shells being fired upwards. Complete a level and you can save it as a video to watch later (why, I haven’t quite figured out yet).

Disney Fireworks for the iPhoneThere are multiple levels ranging from Easy which has only two colors to choose from to Hard which has four colors plus additional moves (and special fireworks). Easy is just a bit too easy while Hard is just downright impossible (at least for me).

For me, the price level is just a bit too high for this one right now in order to justify it. It’s a decent time-killer, although it seems like gameplay just runs a bit too long so it gets repetative fast. A little more in way of environments and dropping the price by $1 would make this a far more attractive application.

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