iPhone App Review: Disney’s Magic Mirror

Disney's Magic Mirror for the iPhoneTitle: Disney’s Magic Mirror (link)
Walt Disney
October 5, 2009
Yes, limited functionality
Pros: Sort-of cute app for the Snow White-diehard to share with friends
More ad than content, not much of either for the price
This is a Snow White-ized  version of the classic Magic 8-Ball App. Ask it a yes/no question and it does its best to reply. So I simply asked it whether or not people should buy it and this was its actual response:

alone in the dark
the world is still
despite my best efforts
I do not know its will

Truth is, I probably couldn’t have put it better myself. Although it has pretty graphics and a nice vocalized rendition of the Magic Mirror, the app is really more of a version .6 of what should be a free app. To use it, you have a choice of either using the keyboard or microphone to ask a yes/no question (in reality, it could be anything, the app doesn’t know). In exchange, the Magic Mirror visually and audibly responds with its vague and cryptic messages. Some cool animation and audio is offset by the fact that the Magic Mirror’s mouth is completely out of sync with his response to the point where it’s just downright distracting — you might consider it Disney’s rendition of a dubbed martial arts film.

And that’s it. There are some extras which essentially include a video trailer for the Disney Blu-ray/DVD release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a link to amazon.com to buy it, and even a synopsis (!?!?!) of the film.

In other words, wait for Disney to come to its senses and make this app free or at least adds more entertainment value. And even then, you probably shouldn’t bother.

Note: Because of hardware limitations, iPod Touch users will need an external microphone and earphones to make full use of the application.

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