iPhone App Review: Radio Disney (Streaming App)

Radio Disney iPhone AppTitle: Radio Disney (link)
Publisher: Walt Disney
Released: August 28, 2009
Cost: Free
iTouch?: Yes (WiFi)
Pros: It’s free, makes Radio Disney portable
Cons: Additional features on RD website with clunky interface
Review: There’s not an awful lot to this app, with one click on the iPhone/iPod Touch, it launches and connects to the Radio Disney website where it begins streaming, providing you with song/artist information along with an artist photo (when available). Another screen allows you to view the last 10 songs played on Radio Disney without disrupting song play. Additional features (such as making a song request, sending a shoutout, answering a poll, etc) require using the device’s Safari app to reach the Radio Disney website which exits the application and shuts off the music. The website itself has a really nice opening screen but quickly becomes difficult to navigate and to discern where the links to continue are and — to be blunt — these additional functions are so simple, they could easily be integrated directly into the app.

The website also has small banner ads which is fine considering they are Disney oriented and the app itself is free, but it would seem to me it would be much wiser to just integrate support directly into the app to be able to click on any song and immediately be taken to the iTunes store for purchase, at least for Disney music.

I did initially have some problems getting the app to launch and work properly, but after the third attempt, it worked flawlessly and I’ve been in and out of it without a problem since. I’ve even successfully streamed Radio Disney using only EDGE service so the app should work handily anywhere there’s some level of service.

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