iPhone App Review: Toy Story Photo Hunt

Toy Story Photo Hunt for the iPhoneTitle: Toy Story Photo Hunt (link)
Publisher: Walt Disney
Released: September 15, 2009
Cost: Free
iTouch?: Yes
Pros: Free, addictive, simple play
Cons: Addictive
Review: The type of video game commonly found in bars, Toy Story Photo Hunt brings all the fun home to the kids and is surprisingly just as challenging when sober. Billed primarily as a promotional free app for the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 re-release, this app also includes a countdown to October 2 (when the films are re-released in theaters in 3D) and the TS/TS2 trailer along with some promotional information for the Toy Story Mania! game for the Wii.

Toy Story Photo Hunt for the iPhoneThe concept itself is quite simple: identify all of the differences between two of the otherwise-same image from one of the Toy Story films. In Normal mode, you have to find the differences before the clock runs out. You start out with having to locate 2 differences and, as you progress, so does the number of differences you need to find, up to nine per image. A wrong answer penalizes you on time, but you start with and earn additional bonuses that will instantly offer you more time or even find the differences for you. In Free mode, there is no clock ticking so you can guess for the differences as much as you’d like without the fear of running out of time. In Challenge mode, you need to find only one difference between each set of photos, but the clock burns much faster, so you only have time for one bad guess (assuming you guess quickly enough). Normal mode lets you run out of time without solving all of the differences 3 times, but Challenge is far less forgiving and one mess-up ends it all. Both the Normal and Challenge modes even have a public scoreboard available so you can submit your level and see how you rank up against others.

Toy Story Photo Hunt for the iPhoneRealistically, there’s only a finite number of changes that can exist between photos, so if you have a good memory, it’s pretty easy to begin to excel at the game. It took me just a couple of hours to take the top spot on both leaderboards (as stitchking) although as of the time I write this, I must admit I’ve been sent down to the #2 spot on the Challenge board.

Overall, it’s a fun time killer. Games are quick and it even remembers where you left off so if you have to abandon a game, you can get right back to it. My only complaint is that you are required to upload your score to the leaderboard manually and after getting used to using the Back option when not besting my score, there have been a couple of times I’ve forgotten to upload my new high score. Press Back instead of Upload and have fun trying to do it all over again.

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