JetBlue Offers Unlimited Travel From September 8 – October 8 for $599

I was under much debate as to whether to even make a story of this since it has little to do with The Walt Disney Company, but considering JetBlue services MCO (Walt Disney World), LGB (Disneyland Resort) and SFO (Walt Disney Family Museum) and this has to be an unprecedented offer, it does make some sense to share the news if you haven’t heard already.

For a total of $599 per person, a customer can purchase what JetBlue is calling a Jet Pass — essentially the right to book up to as many flights as one can humanly take in the time period between September 8 and October 8. The only stipulation is flights must be booked at least ~3 days in advance (and if you cancel more than 3 days out, there’s no penalty either!).

All taxes and fees are included as well as long as you’re flying domestically. International and Puerto Rico flights are covered, but taxes and fees are extra.

For more details on the program and to learn how to purchase the Jet Pass, see here.

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