John Lasseter and Thinkway Toys Introduce the Toy Story Definitive Line of Collectibles

The Toy Story Definitive Line of Toys from Thinkway Toys and Disney Consumer ProductsDisney Consumer Products has teamed up with Thinkway Toys and Disney Chief Creative Officer and Toy Story director John Lasseter to introduce you to the new line of Toy Story Definitive collectibles. These highly detailed replicas are movie-accurate in almost every single way from their stitching to the boxes they come in. The Toy Story Definitive collectibles are fully articulated, include features such as sound effects and even come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

For example, Buzz Lightyear is 12″ tall and has more than 30 points of articulation and responds to your actions with 60 classic ‘toy’ and ‘space ranger’ phrases in his movie voice. Pop out his wings and take him for a flight through the air (or simply let him fall with style) and he responds with appropriate sounds and phrases.

Each week, Lasseter will provide new entries into a seven-part series in which he’ll talk about a different part of the story as well as profile one of the highlighted characters, including: Sheriff Woody, Rex, Space Aliens, RC and — of course — Buzz Lightyear. We’ll also be treated to trivia never before revealed and much more.

The series kicks off today with this first video and a teaser for the next entry which will be released next week. We expect two videos to be released in subsequent weeks. These videos are exclusive to Disney Consumer Products new YouTube channel,, but we are pleased to be able to bring the first video to you right here:

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