Sneak Peek: ‘Doc McStuffins’ on Disney Junior (Photos, Video)

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On March 23, 2012, the Doc is in! That’s the date that Disney Junior’s 24 hour network launches nationwide, bringing along with it returning favorites and all new series. One of the new series, which will air back-to-back from 10 am – 11 am ET/PT is ‘Doc McStuffins,’ an enchanting series that chronicles the practice of a six year old who can communicate with and heal toys while promoting a healthy lifestyle for its viewers.

Disney Junior has provided us with this first look of images and video clips from the first two half hour episodes, each consisting of two stories. The first episode, premiering at 10 am ET March 23 on Disney Junior features ‘Out of the Box’ in which Little Jack, a jack-in-the-box, is scared about getting a check-up until Doc McStuffins assures him that dad Big Jack will be with him the entire time, and ‘Run Down Race Car’ in which Donny’s toy racecar loses a race for the first time, requiring a check-up from Doc and resulting in the diagnosis that his batteries need to be recharged.

The second episode, premiering at 10:30 am ET includes ‘A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns’ in which inflatable toy Boppy springs a leak and Doc not only treats the problem, but takes on the task of preventative maintenance and ‘Knight Time’ in which Donny’s toy knight sticks to everything, leading Doc to diagnosis him with a case of Filthy-Icky-Sticky Disease.

For more information on Doc McStuffins as well as a sneak peek at some upcoming toys inspired by the series, be sure to check out our Disney Junior Toy Fair report.

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We also have a few behind-the-scenes stills of voice talents Kiara Muhammad (Doc McStuffins), Robbie Rist (Stuffy) and Lara Jill Miller (Lambie). Photos by Todd Wawrychuk.

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Next up are a couple of clips from the series. The first clip from ‘A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns’ features Doc McStuffins and her trademark line, ‘the Doc is in!’ along with a peek at how Doc’s magic stethoscope brings toys to life so that she can communicate with them. When little brother Donny — who knows Doc is the best at what she does, but not that she can actually communicate with the toys — approaches the clinic, we also see how the toys react to other people.

This next clip, from ‘Run Down Race Car’ features ‘The Checkup Song’ which Doc and her friends sing before each toy’s checkup along with original songs for each show.

All photos/video courtesy and © Disney Junior. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I want to get Lambie from Doc McStuffins. I want her as a plush toy. please tell me how I can get her ASAP!!! thank you

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