Man Seeks Restraining Order Against Kardashians, Claiming Attack at Disney World

The Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios lives up to its name for millions of thrillseekers a year, but for one New Yorker, it took terror to all new heights courtesy of the Kardashian clan, according to a restraining order request filed earlier this week in Florida Middle District Court.

The claim originates from Brooklyn native Gino Romano, who may be better known as Jonathan Lee Riches, a man that Guinness World Records has dubbed ‘the most litigious person in the world,’ having filed thousands of frivolous lawsuits over the past few years. This according to CNY Central, reporting on yet another odd case filed by Riches earlier this month.

If he weren’t so set on suing anyone and everything, he might actually find himself a career in fictional writing given the extent of zaniness he manages to dole out several times a week. Here, for example, is the contents of the complaint he filed against both Walt Disney World and Kardashian sisters (and mother, Kris Jenner):

I face imminent danger and bodily harm from the Kardashians and Kris Jenner.

On 6/11/2012 I was in Walt Disney World at MGM Studios, and Kim Kardashian terrorized me on the Tower of Terror, I previously sued the Kardashians last week in Nashville TN, and they are mad at me, and want revenge, so the Kardashians on Kris Jenner’s direct orders have been following & stalking me across the nation to seek jihad against me, and to silence me from whistleblowing against them, so I was on the Tower of Terror and right before the ride dropped from the sky, Kim Kardashian & Kourtney Kardashian were sitting behind me on the ride, and Kim whispered in my ear ‘Boo’ ‘I’m following you Romano’ and ‘You better drop the lawsuits against us or Lamar Odom & Kris Humphries are gonna get you sucker’ then Kourtney tasered me as the ride was dropping, I began shaking and having a seizure and the Kardashians were laughing at me and Kim Kardashian made her voice like the Wicked Witch of the West, threatening to take my dog and give it to Michael Vick, and I ran off the ride in fear, and ran right into the waiting arms of Khloe Kardashian who was dressed as a sumo wrestler and she body slammed me onto the curb, while Kim Kardashian started pick pocketing my wallet, and Kourtney stole my Rolex and gave it to Scott Disick who wears it on the E! Network. I been robbed by the defendants, and they told me on my Facebook page that I can get my wallet back only if I stop suing them and I let Walt Disney World security and Michael Isner [sic] know, and they only gave me $5 off my next Disney visit, also Kim Kardashian stole my Mickey Mouse t-shirt and threw it onto the tracks of Space Mountain where I could not reach it. I seek restraining orders against the Kardashians following me around the country, I plan on going to Universal Studios in a few weeks and don’t want to get attached by the Kardashes [sic] on Batman or Transformer, I already suufered [sic] enough pain, emotional hormonal disfunction [sic] all in the hands of the Kardashians, please help me.’

Now of course what immediately triggered the feeling that this request was frivolous was the fact that the vehicle is pulled down on Tower of Terror, not dropped. However, after careful consideration, everything else mentioned appears to point to it as well. In fact, mentions of MGM Studios, Kris Humphries and Michael Eisner suggests that time is as warped as Riches/Romano’s requests. In fact, Romano reported filed another similarly ridiculous request for action against the Kardashians in the same week, claiming the family had harassed him at Busch Gardens in Tampa just the day before, despite the family’s publicity agent denying they were anywhere in the area at the time. According to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter timeline, she herself claims to have been attending functions and meetings in California on the day she was reportedly in Orlando, bringing the Tower of Terror to life.

UPDATE #1: 6/16/12 – For further reading, this Facebook page, presumably unauthorized, chronicles media coverage of Riches’ litigious exploits.

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