Kidada ‘Wish A Littles’ Secret Betrayed by the Disney Princesses?

Kidada 'Wish A Little' Figures with Charms for Disney StoreConsidered some of the most benevolent persons on this great planet, as well as being modest to levels extreme, we concede that the only forgivable reason for chopping a princess in half is to count her rings and determine her true age. That said, we couldn’t help but notice that on May 10, Disney Consumer Products is giving away a Snow White figure by Kidada (a.k.a. the Wish A Littles) and that her body is trimmer than usual as she is pictured.

So what exactly are the ‘Wish A Littles?’ Well, we’re still not entirely sure, but we do know that the worst fears of many are about to be confirmed — Disney Princesses are hollow inside. Thought at first to just be a new spin on vinyl collectible dolls (or vinylmation as some Disney-ites might call it), these Princesses were made to come apart.

Once we realized we might be on to something, we re-visited the teaser page for the ‘Wish A Little’ collection by Kidada Jones and — going frame by frame — as well as reading the Da Vinci Code three and an eighth times — we deduced that Snow White has a secret. As does Cinderella, Belle and Tiana. You may want to refrain from blinking while watching the following video because spliced into the video are individual frames that reveal that the Snow White figure contains an apple charm, Cinderella contains a pumpkin coach charm, Tiana contains an evening star charm and Belle contains what appears to be a highly inspired bell charm.

Could there be even more to the secrets behind the Wish A Littles? Tune in May 4 when they make their official debut exclusively at Disney Store and

As for the Kidada for Disney Store collection itself, the page’s description reads:

“Based on beloved Disney characters and infused with her signature style and whimsy, Kidada has created a delightful range exclusively for Disney Store that includes clothing, jewelry, bags, watches and Vinylmation.”

In addition to the princesses named, Tinker Bell is also mentioned in the page’s keywords, suggesting she too will be part of the collection.

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