Kidrobot Launches Marvel Designer Vinyl Toy Collaboration

Wolverine Labbit from KidrobotKidrobot, one of the premiere originators for designer vinyl toys, has recently begun selling figures from its newest licensed collaboration, Marvel.

Among the collection are Marvel editions of Frank Kozik’s Labbit including Wolverine (pictured here) from Marvel’s X-Men as well as the Venom Symbiote from Marvel’s Spider-Man.

As of today, in addition to the Labbit, Kidrobot has launched a full line of MUNNY do-it-yourself figures available in both 7″ and 4″ sizes. Each Munny comes with a selection of decals as well as props related to the Marvel character it represents. Currently available are: Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Venom.

Also available is a blind-box series of 1″ Munny Zipper Pulls which consists of ten Marvel favorites, including Deadpool.

To commemorate the launch, the Kidrobot shop in New York City will be holding a scavenger hunt event on Saturday, July 27 from 11 am – 1pm.

To view and shop the new Marvel collection, visit Kidrobot.


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